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Indian Union Budget 2011-2012 Expectations: Can Budget Save Stock Market Fall?

On Monday, 28th February 2011, honorable Finance Minister, Pranab Mukherjee would be presenting Union Budget 2011-2012. Indian stock markets have felt the pinch of rising crude oil andmodity price. The rise in inflation has caught the government in a tricky situation. Fiscal deficit is another big headache for the government.
Can the Budget 2011 really save bulls in the stock market?
Not much is expected from the budget. Government is not in comfortable situation where it can think or do much about growth, since now the bigger challenge is for controlling inflation.
However if Budget doesn't throws up higher cost to industries in the way of hikes in excise and custom duty, then market will take some positive cues from it.
Individual sectors like Gems & Jewellery, Agriculture, Housing sector is likely to see some benefits from the Union Budget 2011.
Falling Crude Oil Price would provide some temporary relief to market bulls
Rising Crude oil price is one of the biggest problem for Indian economy. Since we depend heavily on import of thismodity. If tensions in Libya cools off, expect oil prices toe down.
Also that U.S has "threatened" OPEC's (oil producing countries) to control oil prices by introducing higher supply to the market by increasing production of oil.
Will it be enough to sustain market at the higher levels going ahead saving the crash?
Its a big doubt. And I don't think its enough to sustain the markets going forward. Though temporarily markets can rally, but the bottom line is that markets are unlikely to sustain and hold up.
Q4 results will not be great this time around and we may see disappointing performance from many of the big names. Rising input prices are going to put profit margin pressure, next month in April 2011, Q4 results will start tickling in.
Use rally in market to exit from stocks (long positions) and for going short in market
No matter you are just an investor or a hardcore stock trader. But again I want you to think about the markets in a wiser way and trying to show you the clearer picture.
Assuming you are an investor stuck with stocks which just don't show any hopes and can be given the category of junk. Its time you get rid from the junk, free some money and then wait for your time toe to buy stocks which will hold value in the medium-long term going forward.
I know its not easy selling stocks in losses, off loading them at lower prices than been originally bought is always painful. But let me tell you that its the wisest thing to do.
You may have made mistakes choosing and selecting stocks for investment, but now its time you make over for your mistake and improve your chances of going into profits by doing the right thing.
If you are just a stock trader, it could be a good news for you. Do you know the world's smartest stock traders makes the most money during the crash in markets? If you don't know it yet, you are certainly not aware of the possibilities and opportunities markets provide.
Trend is your only best friend, do you know what the trend in market is?
For a trader or an investor, the most important thing to know about is knowing the trend. If you know the trend, market go down or market rise, your stock will be following a different route and thats because of the trend which is so powerful that it can stand all storms n tornadoes, in fact create one of its own!
We don't just say it, we show n prove it as well. Past 2 weeks when markets have been dicey with a downward bias, our premium members have made most of the money and more surprisingly it came from buy calls which outperformed markets by big big margin. winfromus dakhsh-stock/investing-stock-pick-to-buy-everonn-education-beyond-boundaries/ Everonn (free call) was one of the example in the recent time which we shared with all of you.
Buying the right stocks at right time is important, but so is selling at the right price is equally important and most of the market traders and investors actually lack this quality. Booking loss on stop loss and booking profits on rise is the only needed thing with just a little patience.
Nifty levels to watch out for and trade accordingly to understand the market trend
Expects Nifty (5316) to bounce back off 5250 levels in the extreme near term on the back of Crude Oil price falling on less Libya tensions and on some positive reforms and announcements which are part of the budget expectations.
On the higher side markets, Nifty is going to face stiff resistance at 5470-75 levels, unless market closes above that level, theres less chance that bulls will survive.
On the lower side, Nifty has strong support at 5200, break of which will be a clear game over call for bulls. We don't change our view on market and would like to stick to the opinion stated earlier in winfromus education-learn-and-earn/indian-stock-market-future-forecast-of-price-direction-in-2011/ Indian Stock Market Future Forecast.
On rise in markets, when Nifty reaches around its resistance levels, look to buy some puts of may be 5200-5300 strikes. But please don't be over-confident of things and always take calculated risk, no matter how good our accuracy is, market is supreme and I am just a human like you.
Roller coaster ride waiting for us ahead, are you ready and all set to ride??
Good Luck!!
Since 5 years we have been successfully Educating and helping Investors and Traders creating wealth in Indian Stock Markets. We have a unbeatable track record which out-performs all the well known so called Stock Investing Analyst you ever heard of.

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