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Spanking Is Too Good To Waste

Spanking is too Good to Waste

By Me storyTellin - Feb 22, 2009 - From spanking-stories. Spanking stories - Views - 38474 It had been a long time since he had submitted, helplessly, to being taken over his mother's knees. The last time she had spanked him was when he had shown too much curiosity for too long in the women's bras, jumbled in a heap on the table marked, "Clearance!" She had warned him she would spank him, probably fair enough in advance, but he could hardly believe that it was going to happen right here, right now... Too late now for I'm sorries. In the ladies room, there were several mothers and daughters, surprised to see this young male following his mother into their domain. His mother stood him in a corner and told him to drop his pants. Whew! She didn't sit down nor did she make him take down his undies. She spanked him while he stood, but also, mercifully, it was not as hard as usual so he did not cry. He was so aware of the many girls and mothers, watching the show, intently. Today--this time he was at home and she ordered him to his bedroom to think it over. She would be in to spank him in a bit. And then, she was there and she told him to drop his pants as she sat down on the edge of his bed. It was really awkward because he stood considerably taller and for the first time, he told her, "No". Pure and simple. She glared at him for his disobedience and stood up and pulled the belt out of his pants' loops. She was really angry which was not how she usually seemed on these occasions. She ordered him to lie down on the bed. "No, " was what he said. He felt sorry for what he had done and he felt sorry for obviously distressing his mother, but he had grown enough size and enough muscle that he gripped the belt that looked like she was about to strap him anywhere she could and told his mom she was not going to do any such thing. He would run away from home before he would let her do that again. He would also think twice before committing his bad behavior again. This was a milestone in their relationship. No more spankings, ever again. Well, until years later, when he courted his wife to be... She had strong convictions to remain a virgin until they were married, but they could do certain physically exciting activities that didn't require intercourse. Play spankings were ok. So was mutual masturbation. She was as logical as she was virgin. They began weekly sessions of taking turns, laying over each other's laps and finding ways to cause the other to orgasm. Each caressed the bare bottom of the other. How rapturous he felt in his heart when she allowed him to pull down her pants, as she lay down upon his lap. He didn't know how she felt when the table was turned about. But she must have liked seeing him erect and laying down up on her lap because after they were married he described one of these sessions as he was turning her on, and when he finally got to the part where he described how she made him cum, she actually had her own orgasm overtake her at precisely that same moment! She must like seeing him get off. Over time they had grown so close, emotionally. It showed in their physical responses to each other. Love is a great unifier. When he turned 30, she gave him his first birthday spanking. He got an erection from it and found her play spankins to be rather delightful. It was just play, of course. It would turn out to be years before her spankings became more than this. But eventually, his curiousity would not let up and after a few days of arguing and presuasion, she finally blurted out, "OK, I will spank you." He led her in a short procession to their bedroom and by the time they got there his thang was no longer relaxed. It contained more than normal blood pressure, but it still had a ways to go. She didn't know how to spank so she asked him what he wanted. He told her to sit on the edge of their bed with her legs put just so and he would lay over them. Her legs were bare as he liked them. It was not easy to be so big and get into position for spanking over the knees of someone his equal. But after some finaggling, he got there. She began smacking his buns, both of them simultaneously. The really neat thing about this first spanking, done by one who didn't know how, was that the tips of her fingers touched, with mild force, his perineum--almost touching his balls, but no pain to them--just thrilling touches. He felt his erection growing so hard so fast that he arose in the midst of her spankings to look at himself. His thang was filling unbelieveably rapidly with blood, but unevenly, so that it curved a bit leftward. In just seconds, it was hard like a bone and perfectly straight. Years later, when ED was a bother, he would remember this spanking, quite fondly, and suggest they learn to use it as a cure for his ED. It would work as good as Viagra! These days, he spent time researching online for ways and means to achieve the perfect spanking. He freely admitted to his wife that her spankings were a very satisfactory substitute for inbetween love making sessions. She always made sure that he climaxed because to her it made no sense to spank for any other reason. So she alternated between stinging spanks and sensuous caresses. Here's one example session--his most recent birthday spanking. He had directed her to wear her red silky nightie that came just below her bare bottom. Plus, he had bought her some black decorative hose that accentuated all the curves of her long lovely legs. They were not panty hose so they came up only as far as above her knees, keeping her beautiful thighs bare. That's where she made him wiggle his erection. And her fair skinned thighs were just so perfect for that! But this is not yet all of her preparations for his most special birthday spanking ever. She had on her new smooth bra, white with glossy stripes, underneath her red nightie. I say smooth because up till now he had thought only lacy bras were the sexiest, but now he knows that those smooth flowing curves can also be incredibly sexy. It all depends on who is wearing the bra in question. Love is a beautiful thing. The next phase is where she takes up a position on the living room couch, her legs crossed in parallel fashion, after the manner of women. He likes her legs like this and they also give him a better feeling of bending over his lady's lap. His bare bottom is elevated more and his legs make more of a right angle. What does that mean? Her hand can spank closer to his balls--definitely, she can spank both buns down lower, spanking across his anal area. And beneath his anal and perineal areas lies his prostate. Vibrate that and he will cum. Vibrate it and the spanking hand helps squeeze out more cum. But she was always careful so as not to use too much force because bruising his prostate will cause him to not want this again. So she begins counting out the spanks, ten at a time. Then she pauses and tickles his balls and his cleavage. She has gotten so good at this. She knows just where to touch with her teasing fingertips to make it impossible to forget these spankings. Her touches have gotten so good, they almost compete with the thrill of being inside her when she gets off good on his thang. (As said before, she is a very logical woman and cannot see any reason a spanking can be of any use except as foreplay to a hotter climax. And I agree with her, though I am not all all afraid of a real spanking--even more and harder and longer than my mom gave me when I was little)
Recently his curiosity got the best of him and he begged his wife for a real spanking. Over her knees. But it was hard to wiggle and keep his buns relaxed. And he lost his erection. So they changed back to their usual position with her sitting against the headboard and him lying across her lap, crossways to the bed. Here his buns can relax some and she can still spank with stinging slaps with erotic caresses in between.
Back to the internet he goes and does more research. Why all this emphasizing pain! Why the exclamation point after the 4 letters of pain? Why all this emphasis on domination and submission? He had made his wife spank him so he could get off inbetween her less frequent desires for intercourse. She submitted to his request because she admitted she knows he needs to cum more times than she prefers to keep his prostate's semen from turning yellow. For him it's quantity of orgasms whereas for her it's quality of orgasm that's important. He reads spanking stories between the lines and realizes that some supposed stories about pain and domination and submission look like they are written by "boys for boys' sakes" and others by "girls for girls' sakes"--just to be provocative, but not sincere. The points of view of the stories get mixed up because they are not real. Some spanking stories are so obviously fake in his opinion that he realizes he can't find the perfect spanking this way. What a disappointment. He must not be like most others who are into spanking. That's OK. All he wants to learn about is how to have a lot of really sexy fun with the "forbidden fruit" of spanking as a part of hot foreplay. Forget BDSM. Forget pain. Forget marks. Spanking is not for kids, but consenting adults. And though he no longer feared spanking like he did as a kid and could actually enjoy a short stingy one from his wife, the usefullness of spanking was as a turn on for successful penetration. So if there's too much pain, the erection is gone, because of the distraction. The intimacy between two lovers who spank each other for fun and mutual pleasure and finally the hot sex was all that interested him. It saddened him that he could find so little published on this particular issue. Instead, he found deception, profit taking, and fakery. What's in spanking for her? A sore hand for one thing. But the other is the best part--his thang seems to feel fatter than usual and she likes that "fatter" feeling inside her. Her orgasms have been better than ever. In fact, she even likes the frequency to be a bit more often now days. That sure makes him a happy spankee! He can have his cake and eat it too. Neither he nor she wants to be dominated or in serious pain. They are equal partners. They switch easily. It takes two to make love and that's all there is to it. Problems like ED can be solved with loving care and learning how.

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