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A Different Kind Of Lover

A Different Kind of Lover

By A horny mom - Jan 6, 2010 - From Incest and Taboo - Views - 113175 Well I have been reading different stories on this site and thought I would summit my own experience that I had with my son. I was 39 at the time and my son was 18, I was and still am married to this day and my husband knows nothing of what went on for a couple of years in our home. At the time my husband worked nights and needless to say I was not getting any sex because hubby was to tired on the nights he had off. So I spent allot of nights playing with myself and fantasizing, if your wondering what I was fantasizing about my husband had a good friend named Jack that I wanted to ride on for some time.
So anyways, I was on our computer that we kept in the computer room one night and I was working on some paper work for my job and didn’t like the way it was coming out, I deleted it and started a new one and further into the night I needed some information from the paper that was deleted, so I went to the deleted box to retrieve it. I saw another file in the box and decided to open it up and see what it was, I sat in the chair and read this long story about my son making love to his mother. I could not believe what I was reading.
I was so upset I could not get a grip on it, why was my son writing sex stories about me, how could he look at me in that way, and why was he looking at me in that way. This story he wrote was so detailed with every little position and everything he was doing to me, and what I was doing to him. I decided to save the file under a different name so I could talk to him about it and went to bed. I laid in bed for hours trying to understand what he was thinking, he was young and had girl friends, I was sure he was having sex with them, why would he want me. I decided not to mention this to his father and just have a conversation with him when the right moment came along. A few nights went by and every time I was going to bring it up I decided to wait. One night around 1:00am I got up from bed to go to the bathroom and I saw the light under the door in the computer room, I went over and opened it slowly and my son was writing another story, this time I said to him, wait, we need to talk Brad, he closed the window fast but I new what he was writing, I sat down and said to him why are you having these feelings about me, he said mom I have no idea what your talking about. I smiled at him and said, Brad, I read a story you wrote about you and me, he put his head down and said, I am sorry mom, I have always had this fantasy about you and me and I don’t know how to control it.
I looked at him and said, Brad what made you feel like this, and he said I saw you naked a few years ago and ever since then I have dream about you in that way, I can’t help it. I said, Brad you need to stop because it is wrong and very sick to think that way. Brad look at me and said, mom that’s what makes it so good, the fact that it is very wrong and very dirty and it’s taboo, that is what turns me on the most. I looked at him and said you need to stop thinking that way and that’s it. I went to bed and hoped he would become more normal and stop thinking about it.
A month or two went by and I was keeping track of what he was looking at on line and just as I expected he was looking a porn movies that showed mothers and sons, I put my hands up and said, the hell with it, let him think what he wants.
I have always believed that everything happens for a reason and a few nights later I was walking by my son’s room and the door was open a little bit and my eyes saw him getting dress sideways, but what really got me looking was his dick, It was big, bigger then his fathers, I started moving passed his room praying he did not see or hear me, I was trying to figure out how he had such a big dick, I went to bed and felt a little horny so I started playing with myself thinking about my husbands friend Jack, I was getting wet and turned on, riding Jack and sucking on him, I was really getting into it. The next night I was doing it again and
I was going for my first orgasm and just as I started Cumming, Brad’s big cock came into my head but I couldn’t stop. After that I sat there and was thinking about it, and said to myself, what’s the big deal, I’m a woman and he’s a man, I was just thinking about how big he was. The thought was turning me on and I decided to just try it once, what was the harm, no one would know what I was thinking, I put my hand on my wetness and started rubbing my pussy nice and slow, I pictured my sons big cock rubbing over my face and into my mouth, I picture he slipping it into my pussy nice and slow, it was driving me crazy. With in a minute I was having multiple orgasms and Cumming harder then I have every cam.
Well I found myself feeling ashamed when I was around Brad, but at night I would play more and more fantasy’s out and have more and more orgasms. I would check to see what he was looking at on line and he was still on the same sites, I opened the file of the first story I read and read it over and over again and then went and rub my clit, I new things where different now, and I new what I wanted. I just wondered if my son would really do it or was it just a fantasy of his,
I decided to wait till my husband went to work and I wrote a little letter and left it on Brad’s bed, he was in the shower at the time and I figured he would read it and we would see what happened. The letter said, I want to make your fantasy come true, come to my bedroom if you’re interested. I decided to do everything in his story, step by step. I heard the shower stop and waited a few minutes, I was in a small t-shirt and see through blue panties just like in his fantasy, My bedroom had a mirror on the wall and sealing and I just looked at myself and thought, my son is going to fuck me tonight, that thought got me so horny and wet. I was waiting and about ten minutes went by and I thought to myself maybe he wasn’t serious. Just then I heard him coming down the hallway and the anticipation was killing me, I squeezed my legs together in excitement. He knocked on my door and I said to come in, Brad walked in with nothing on, his cock was long, thick and hard. I just looked at him and smiled, he said, you want to be pleasured and I said yes Hun, he walked over to the bed and I sat up and put my hand on his big cock, I went very slow and started to jerk him off and he said, please don’t stop.
I moved his dick closer to my mouth and started licking it up and down, This was the most turned on I have ever been in my life, I started sucking on it and he was loving it. He was so big and hard I could not wait to feel this inside of me, I sucked him off and eat every bit of his warm cum, I turned around and bent over and he got down behind me and I felt his hands at the top of my panties, he slowly pulled them down and said, mom you are so wet, I felt him lick my asshole and it was driving me crazy, he moved from my ass to my pussy and licked me till I cam in his mouth, as I was Cumming he stood up and rubbed his hard cock on my pussy, I could not take it, I started crying out, fuck me fuck me, he pushed in and drove his cock hard into me, I grabbed the pillow and squeezed it for dear life, I cried out to him, Brad fuck me hard baby, no one has every fucked me so good. We did every position in the book and he made me cum many times before the night was over, afterwards I felt a little guilty, but it went away every time he walked into the bedroom with his big cock ready to make me cum, we played for a couple of years till he moved out but every once in a while when dad’s not home he stops by for his blow job and to make me happy with his big cock. For you moms that are on the edge and thinking about it, go for it, it’s the best sex you will ever have.

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