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By Jennifer Anna - Jan 20, 2009 12217 They banged against the doorway of the bedroom, almost falling over, but they barely noticed. They were too focused on each other. Their lips pressed together, tongues exploring each other. Hands tearing at clothing…
Sarah had arrived in Milan at one that morning. She found her way to her hotel, showed and fell into bed. The excitement of her current adventure numbed by exhaustion, she fell quickly to sleep. The alarm on her phone sounded at 10:00 a.m. She awoke, unsure for a moment of her surroundings. Then it came back to her. It was her first day in Milan, the city that was to be her new home.
After her six year relationship with Evan ended, she decided there was no reason to stay in the States. Her dream had always been to move to Milan. A city she visited once as a child, a city that always lingered in the back of her mind.
Once the decision had been made, she quickly set about making it a reality. Selling her condo and almost all of her belongings had not been as difficult as she’d expected. Saying goodbye to her friends had not been as easy. But it was done and she was here.
Her heart began to race as she hurried about her hotel room. She had a lunch date with Franz, the only contact she had here in Italy. They had met on-line and quickly developed a friendship. He filled her in on info about the city, answered a thousand questions, offered a million reassurances, and helped make preliminary arrangements for her arrival. He had been a Godsend as far as the move went, but he also helped distract her from her lonely nights without Evan. In the last few weeks leading up this meeting, their conversations had almost always turned sexual. Cyber sex was something new to Sarah but Franz or “Lestat”, as he was known on-line, had a way of making her want more.
It was almost noon, time to meet him in the lobby. Sarah took one more look in the mirror to check her makeup and hair. She had a low cut top on that showed an ample amount of cleavage, a very short black skirt and high heels. She knew it was naughty of her to dress like this for a lunch date, but she also knew that Franz would be disappointed in anything less, and she did not want to disappoint him.
Sarah descended the stairs to the lobby. Franz was sitting in an armchair by the front door. She recognized him immediately. They had shared many photos over the past few months. Although Sarah refused to give in to the temptation of the web cam. She couldn’t help but feel that doing so would have been to cross some unknown line for her.
Upon seeing her, Franz stood. She looked amazing. He was excited to be meeting her, finally. She smiled as he handed her a single peach colored rose. They exchanged hellos and a quick embrace. Franz kissed her cheek and their eyes meet. He smiled a warm and wonderful smile before saying “Shall we go?”
They walked a while, just wandering the city really. Sarah told him all about the last few days, which were busy with goodbyes and the act of tying up loose ends. It was good to finally be hearing her voice, and Franz couldn’t help but smile as he listened to her nervous chatter. They had reached his neighborhood and he stopped in front of his favorite restaurant. “We are here.” He told her. “Oh, it’s beautiful” she commented, but he hardly heard the words, she was smiling again. She glanced over and caught him focusing on her mouth. “Um, shall we go in?” she stammered a bit.
They took a quiet table for two in the corner. The staff knew Franz and quickly appeared with a bottle of his favorite wine. The conversation flowed easily, as did the wine. Their empty plates were taken away and Franz couldn’t help but notice that Sarah leaned a bit in his direction as she relaxed, sipping her wine. She was tantalizing, her breasts were a bit smaller than he was used to, but her cream colored skin and the bit of cleavage her tight shirt revealed were making his temperature rise. God what he wouldn’t give to touch her right now… As if sensing his thoughts, she shifted in her chair, sat up straighter for a moment, then leaned into the table. He closed the short distance between them. Inhaling her scent, he closed his eyes. “I can’t stop thinking about how badly I want to touch you.” He opened his eyes unsure of how she would react. Their prior contact had been thru the computer, two keyboards and an ocean separating them. She nibbled her bottom lip but her apprehension melted away when she looked into his face and saw the passion that flamed in his striking, dark eyes. It had been eight months since her break up with Evan. She had been focused on accomplishing her new goal, and so set on not getting entangled with another man, that her bed had been empty for a long time. Way too long for her liking. All the need she had ignored for months came rushing thru her as she looked at Franz. She knew being with him was not appropriate but, she made a conscious decision to ignore the little voice in the back of her head as she licked her lips and whispered back “Shall we go?"
Franz reached for his wallet and dropped an ample amount of money on the table. The staff would no doubt receive a generous tip but Franz had no desire to wait on a bill. He lead the way out of the restaurant and down the street. He was now extremely thankful for the fact that his apartment was so close, his quickly increasing erection would soon make it uncom comfortable to be clothed. He pulled the keys free from his jeans and unlocked his flat. They walked in and he closed the door behind them. She pressed her back against the entryway wall. For a moment Franz thought she had the look of someone wishing to escape. “Are you okay?” he asked. At that, Sarah lunged for him. Her kiss was hard and passionate, she knocked him against the far wall. She kissed him, pressed against him. God what were they doing?“Where…” “is…” “your bedroom?” she got out between kisses. “Upstairs” he gasped. After a few more deep kisses, she took him by the hand and led him up the stairs smiling seductively over her shoulder. At the top of the stairs she grabbed him again. Pulling his shirt free from his jeans and slipping her hands up and over his chest. “God Sarah….” He turned them toward the bedroom, as he took her mouth again, and they stumbled in that direction, never breaking their contact.
Clothes flew in every direction as they made their way to the bed. By the time he laid her down she was naked and almost panting. He stood above her, com completely nude himself, his cock at the ready. “You are beautiful…” he muttered as he took in the sight of her. He bent to place a kiss on her stomach. He was only able to place a few before she was pulling on his shoulders. He glanced up to see her eyes hungrily land on his refection. “Please Franz, I need you now!” He smiled. He couldn’t remember ever seeing a hunger of this level in a woman’s eyes. He pulled himself up to meet her lips again and reached down between her legs. She groaned as he stroked her. Indeed she was ready for him, moist and hot. He positioned himself between her legs and pushed himself into her slowly. He had always been a gentle lover but it didn’t take long for him to realize that this was not what Sarah wanted. She grabbed for his ass and slammed her pelvis into him. “Lestat please!” that we as all it took, he pressed into her, hard and fast. They moved together riding an unbelievable wave of desire until she tensed. She arched her back and pressed both palms against the headboard as she came. As she cried out from her orgasm, he allowed his own release to come. She finally relaxed, releasing the headboard, and looking up at him. She smiled and he folded into her arms. They didn’t speak as they lay, trying to catch their breath.
Once she settled bit, he began placing little kisses and nibbles all over her body. “Kisses and bites” it was how he ended any conversation or correspondence to her. He now intended on giving those to her, each and every one. They made love again starting with tongues and fingers and ending with her straddling him and riding him until they both came again.
Franz drifted in and out of sleep as the sun shone thru the curtains and fell across the bed. She was draped across his chest he could feel her breath on his neck. All was quiet. It still seemed unreal to him, that this beautiful American could feel like a part of him after only a few months talking on-line. And now to have her here, she actually came to Milan, and ended up in his bed. How did this all happen exactly? He didn’t have long to ponder the question though, as she soon began nibbling his neck again. She kissed up the face and straddled him again as she plunged her tongue into his mouth. God this woman had an unbelievable hunger but she made no move to do more than to kiss him. Which Franz was thankful for, as he was unsure he could handle more so soon.
Neither of them registered the sound of footsteps on the stairs. But the gasp and shocked “Franz!” that followed got their attention.
Sarah sat up and took in the sight of the woman standing at the door. Franz started to move, to spring into action. For reasons unknown to herself, Sarah reached out a hand to stay him. Pulling herself up off the bed, she never took her eyes off the other woman. There was no doubt in her mind who this woman was. She didn’t need to be told. The beauty standing in front of her was Valentina, Franz’s girlfriend.
She had never seen a picture of the woman, Franz said it wouldn’t be right of him to send her photos out without her knowledge, but she had been described to Sarah. “Stunning” Franz had said “long dark hair, dark eyes, caramel skin, wonderful body.” She was all that and so much more. But now she stood in the doorway of her boyfriend’s bedroom being approached by a naked stranger who had just been in her man’s arms.
“Valentina. My name is Sarah” Valentina took a step back and glanced toward the door. “Please don’t go” Sarah breathed. She had to find a way to fix this, to make Valentina understand. She knew Franz cared for this woman. She did not want to be the reason for their downfall. Valentina steadied and met Sarah’s eyes. She squared her shoulders as if that simple request was a direct challenge. “I, we, we didn’t mean for this to happen.” Sarah took another tentative step forward. “We met on-line. I just moved her from America. We had lunch. I’m sorry, one thing lead to another. I…” Valentina inhaled slowly and, without releasing her fix on Sarah’s eyes, said “You knew my name. You knew about me?...” “Yes.” It was all Sarah could say for a moment. Then she uttered “We talked about you.” Deep breath… “I have spent many a night fantasizing about you.” She heard Franz’s deep intake of breath. Franz knew of Sarah’s desire to be with another woman. He himself yearned for a threesome but had, early on, told Sarah that it would never happen for him. Valentina was, as he put it “very conservative. She would never…” Sarah expected the woman to shout at her, hit her, storm out of the room, something, anything, but she didn’t move. The only change was a slight raise of her eyes and an inclination of her head, both a silent “continue”… “You are even more beautiful than I imagined. I told Franz that I’ve always wanted to be with a woman. I asked about you.“ Sarah thought she saw some of the anger leave Valentina’s eyes. Was it being replaced by something? By desire? Or was that just wishful thinking? “God you are beautiful Valentina. Please don’t be upset with Franz. It wasn’t his fault. I wanted you both so badly… ” Valentina licked her lips and Sarah found herself focusing on them in the same way Franz had focused on hers earlier in the day. She took three more steps closing the gap between them. “Valentina, let me touch you. Please.” She made no reply but there was no mistaking the fire that burned in her eyes now. Sarah reached up and brushed her fingertips across Valentina’s cheeks. She turned her head just slightly into Sarah’s touch, exposing her neck just a bit. Sarah leaned toward her and grazed her lips across Valentina’s collarbone. She felt the woman’s head lean more into her hand. Valentina was offering her neck to Sarah. Sarah felt faint as she pressed her lips against Valentina’s flesh. She moved her hand into Valentina’s hair guiding the other woman’s head back as she opened her mouth to run her tongue along her neck toward her ear. Valentina gave a little moan as Sarah took her lobe into her mouth. She gently sucked until she felt Valentina lean toward her. She ran her tongue over her lobe than began nibbling. Her knees almost gave out as Valentina moaned again, a bit louder this time.
Franz could not believe his eyes. Had he died and gone to heaven? He wondered if this was too good to be true. Was Valentina playing with Sarah? Would she at any moment turn and walk away leaving them both wanting? No, Valentina didn’t have a manipulative or spiteful bone in her body. Then again, if someone had told him this morning that he would soon see his girlfriend in the arms of another woman, he would have laughed at them and called them crazy.
Sarah was in awe. Valentina tasted amazing. She felt Franz watching them. Desire flamed in her belly. She felt herself getting wet. “Valentina please, let me make love to you.“ she whispered into her ear. “Let me, let me…” Sarah couldn’t find the right words “Please…” She pleaded with every fiber of her being. She had never wanted anyone or anything more. Valentina stepped away from her. Sarah dropped her hands.
Valentina was now looking past Sarah, looking at Franz. For a moment no one moved. Sarah did not know what more to say. Her head was spinning.
Valentina was the one to break the silence. She moved past Sarah toward Franz. He looked up at her. His expression a mix of desire and regret. “Valentina, I am so sorry” he began. She put her finger to his mouth to silence him. “You have been a very naughty boy” she growled at him. He stood so he could better meet her gaze. She lowered her finger and searched his face for a moment. Sarah could sense the fire from where she stood.
Valentina was angry with him but was unable to fight the desire she felt. She felt possessed, it couldn’t be her standing here, still feeling that woman’s touch on her skin. That woman who had just being making love to her boyfriend, her Franz. It couldn’t be her that wanted so badly to be touched again…
Valentina leaned in and kissed Franz. It wasn’t the angry passionate type of kiss Sarah would have expected. It was tender, gentle. It lasted almost too long. Sarah wanted to turn and flee, suddenly feeling overwhelmed with guilt. She had knowingly slept with another woman’s man. Valentina obviously cared for Franz. This kiss showed that and Sarah knew that Franz felt the same way for Valentina. He may have even loved her. ..
Sarah moved across the room to begin collecting her clothes from the were they had landed earlier. She felt the strange urge to laugh when she saw her shirt hanging from the top of Franz dresser mirror. Apparently it had quite the flight after Franz flung it away. The laugh didn’t come. Instead, Valentina’s voice did. “Is this what you want?” she said to Franz, her voice fluid, so sexy. “More than I can tell you. But…” Sarah looked up in time to see Valentina raise her hand to silence him again. She turned, her eyes finding Sarah then raking over her body. “She is… tempting…” Sarah stopped breathing. Tempting? Me? This woman finds me tempting? Oh my Lord…
Valentina held up her hand to Sarah, calling her, with her eyes, to come. Sarah dropped her clothes and crossed to were this goddess named Valentina stood. This time it was Valentina’s turn to touch first. She took Sarah’s face between her hands and pressed their lips together. All thought left Sarah. She only felt desire, hot and strong. Valentina’s tongue brushed against her lips seeking entry, which Sarah quickly permitted. Their tongues danced around each other. Pressing, seeking, devouring. Sarah’s hands came up to find Valentina’s tiny waist. Just as she pressed herself against Valentina’s form, the other woman broke their kiss and pulled back. Sarah groaned in immediate disappointment at the separation. But smiled when she realized the reason for it. Valentina reached for her shirt and tugged it over her head. Her raven colored hair fell back across her shoulders and down her chest. Her breasts looked amazing, perfectly framed in a lace bra the same color as her hair. Sarah felt her groin heat at the sight of them. Valentina reached for the button of her jeans as she closed the gap between them and caught Sarah’s lips again. Sarah reached down to help Valentina free herself from the clothes that were keeping their bodies apart. She knelt as she pushed Valentina’s jeans down her legs. As the she stepped free from them, Sarah took in the sight of her. The panties she was wearing matched the bra, so sexy. She truly was a goddess. How could Franz ever consider this woman to be conservative? Then again, we all try to be what we think our significant other wants. Which one was the true Valentina?
Sarah put the question out of her head. All that mattered at this moment was this woman and this man, being here with them.
Still on her knees, Sarah leaned forward, reaching behind Valentina, cupping her bottom with her hands, she pressed kisses into her stomach. Licking, kissing, smelling, memorizing every second of this fantasy come true. They both heard Franz groan. Need apparent in it’s sound, they both turned to look at him. His desire evident as his erection stood tall. They both smiled at him but he made no move toward them, not wanting them to break their current embrace. “Beautiful…” he whispered.
Sarah stood and immediately they were kissing again. Hands exploring. They stepped toward the bed and eased themselves down onto it, never breaking from their passionate kisses. The wine had worn off by now but Sarah felt more intoxicated then ever before. She had to see more of this amazing creature. She trailed her fingers up Valentina’s back and found the clasp to her bra. She pulled it free. Valentina pulled her bra away and dropped it to the floor. She smiled as Sarah eyes explored her body. Sarah climbed on top of her and eased her back onto the bed. She covered her in kisses, taking each nipple into her mouth in turn. Valentina’s hands held Sarah’s head against her chest as she arched her back and moaned at Sarah’s manipulations. Sarah slipped her fingers into Valentina’s panties. Valentina opened her legs a bit to allow Sarah better access. The tips of her fingers found Valentina’s lips. Valentina shivered at the touch. It was Sarah’s turn to moan, and she did, as she rubbed her fingers against Valentina, opening her lips. Moisture found Sarah’s fingers. She held her breath as she slipped a finger into Valentina. Sweet warmth radiated from this woman and Sarah wanted all of it, all of her. Valentina’s shiver turned into a shudder as a second, and then a third finger found their way into her. She cried out as Sarah drove her fingers into her again and again. She thought Valentina might cum. She felt selfish for it, but she didn’t want it to be over yet. She didn’t want to give this woman release for fear that that would be the end of it... That her release would break the spell.
Sarah slowed the rhythm of her fingers and finally began to pull free from Valentina. “No, please…” Valentina whined and reached for Sarah. “Shhhh” Sarah responded as she kissed Valentina’s stomach. Valentina did quiet as Sarah pulled her panties down and free from her legs. Sarah stood and looked down at Valentina who was laying across the bed. “She is amazing.” she said to Franz. “Do you love her Franz?” “Yes” he uttered as he stared down at Valentina from where he sat next to her on the bed. Both women smiled.
Sarah climbed back onto the bed and pulled Valentina toward the pillows. “Come Valentina, up here.” Valentina obeyed and moved to the center of the bed, her head on the pillows. Now Franz was on one side of her, Sarah the other. Sarah bent over her and inhaled her scent as she slipped her hand between Valentina’s legs. Valentina spread her legs as Sarah bent to taste her for the first time. Both women moaned as Sarah’s tongue slipped into her. Valentina lifted her hips to get closer to her new lover’s face.
Franz could stand it no longer, he had to touch them. He bent to Valentina and kissed her hard and deep. His hand finding Sarah he began stroking her. After a moment she took to her hands and knees above Valentina. With her face in Valentina’s pussy and Franz’s fingers in her, she stratled Valentina getting them into a 69 position. But this was not how Sarah wanted Valentina. She wanted her on top, wanted her ass in the air, wanted every bit of her to be accessible. Sarah shifted her weight, began to lay down and pulled Valentina on top of her, without ever releasing her clit. Valentina made a sound and started to pull away from her, as if she was hesitant to accept this new position. Sarah sucked hard on her clit and slipped two fingers inside of her. This seemed to have the desired effect and Valentina settled into her spot on her hands and knees and began making very pleasant little noises. Sarah never stopped stroking and sucking Valentina as she reached out her other hand to call Franz. He moved to the side of the bed, unsure of where exactly she wanted him. Then he remember something he had confessed to Sarah. A naughty fantasy that had been playing thru his mind since he was a teenager. Did she hope to make this a reality? Surely Valentina would never allow it…
Sarah indicated that she did, in fact, want him above her and behind Valentina. He climbed onto the bed and knelt his cock erect and dripping brushed against Valentina’s bottom. She didn’t seem to notice. Sarah released her mouth from Valentina’s pussy. She reached her free hand to her mouth and licked her fingers. Franz watched with painful desire as she did this. She then moved her fingers to Valentina, finding her ass, she rubbed a finger around the sweet opening. Valentina moaned and Franz bit his lip as Sarah slipped one finger into Valentina’s ass. Valentina cried out as Sarah slowly sunk it deep into her hole. While still manipulating her pussy with her other hand, she pulled her finger in and out, applying a slight downward pressure. Valentina was getting very vocal and Sarah was loving every little sound that came from the woman. Suddenly she stopped all movement, held very still. Valentina gasped at the sudden interruption. “Sarah!” she called out as she arched her back and pressed her bottom against Sarah’s hand. “Do you want more Valentina?’ Sarah purred. “God yes! More please...” The urgency in her voice made Sarah smile. She began her movements again which were rewarded with a deep groan from Sarah. Once the rhythm was reestablished, she inserted a second finger into Valentina’s ass. This was met with obvious pleasure from the receiver.
Franz looked as though he would explode. Sarah turned her neck enough to take his swollen cock in her mouth. He placed a hand on each of Valentina’s buttocks, savoring the site before him. Sarah sucked his cock for a few moments as she continued to play with Valentina’s ass, getting it ready for her lover. Valentina’s cries became more urgent and Sarah knew it wouldn’t be long now, she released Franz’s cock from her mouth and removed her hands from Valentina. She knew that Valentina was ready for him, if Franz wanted to take her, to make his fantasy a reality. He said something to the panting Valentina in Italian. She responded and he smiled. Sarah did not know what exactly was said, but knew by the smile that Franz would get his deepest desire. She grabbed his cock, still wet from her mouth, and guided it to Valentina’s ass. At this slightest touch Valentina pressed against him. Sarah released her hold on him and took Valentina’s clit back into her mouth. Franz smiled down at her and stroked Valentina’s back as he pressed his cock against her ass. It slipped easily in, as Sarah had prepared her well for this new intrusion. Franz and Valentina both moaned as he buried himself inside her. Sarah worked her pussy with her tongue as Franz fucked her, gently at first then harder, in the ass. It wasn’t long before Valentina was screaming out as her orgasm came. Franz followed closely behind her and filled her with his seed. He fell across her back and held her to him as they rode the waves of their joint climax.
After a moment they both collapsed to one side of Sarah. Sarah smiled and licked her lips. “So much for anal being taboo” she thought to herself. Valentina and Franz were whispering to one another in Italian, words of love Sarah guessed. She lay back into the soft mattress and noticed that the sun was setting. A soft orange glow poured through the large windows that covered one side of this beautiful bedroom. But her thoughts of the sun and the room were soon interrupted by Franz’s voice. “Sarah come” he said. She looked to the other end of the bed and there they lay, both smiling an her. She pulled herself up and crawled to them. Taking up a spot on the opposite side of Franz from Valentina. She was surprised when Valentina leaned over and caught her lips in a kiss. “Next time is your turn” Valentina said thru a smile. Sarah exhaled. This woman was stunning, so damn sexy, everything she could ever want, and there would be a next time… She had indeed stepped into Heaven. “No” Franz said. Both women turned to gape at him. “Must sleep first…” the ladies fell onto his chest laughing.He sighed and relaxed. After a moment Sarah felt a hand snake into hers. She looked down to see Valentina’s fingers intertwine with her own. She squeezed the woman’s fingers a bit, smiled and closed her eyes. “I think I am going to like Milan” she thought as she drifted off to sleep.

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