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Derby Escort Article

Studying Tips

Studying Tips

By - Jul 25, 2008 - From short-sex-stories. Short stories - Views - 25031 Only two of us showed up to get extra help for physics during Exam Week the first day. Deb was the only one I saw when I walked into the lab. Amazing how she still took the time to make sure her hair was just right (sitting above her shoulders and framing her face) and that her clothes had the right accessories to go with it. You had to leave it to the Asian student to be the one to arrive first thing in the morning to study for a test that was coming up in a few days. We would ask our teacher for help once-in-a-while but for the most part it remained pretty quiet. Deb was so focused. She’d just write, type in her calculator, fix her glasses and do it all over again.
The teacher told us he had to go proctor another exam so he locked the door behind him and told us to answer the door if anyone knocks. The two of us went back to work until I heard Deb give a frustrated groan. I tried to help out but we were both stuck and she just said, “Well fuck my life! I hate this!”
I looked at her and said, “You see that’s your biggest problem. You need to lay back and relax. Like this, ” I took hold of her shoulders, “you don’t mind, do you?” She shook her head and I started to give her a shoulder massage—innocent but it still had the added perks.
She really did relax because she rolled her head around, leaned back and moaned a bit. “Mmm, that’s what I need. Oh yeah right there. Hmm.” As she did this I had to through in a little smart-ass remark, “So you apparently really like your massages.”
I had no idea what was going to happen next. Deb looked behind and almost whispered, “That’s not all I like… and there’s more than one way to get relaxed.” She fully turned around, got off of the stool and leaned back on the lab table. She grabbed onto my shirt and pulled me in towards her. We kissed, Deb was leading the way, slipping her tongue into my mouth and swirled it around until she found mine. I put my hand on her cheek and stoked it, pushing the hair out of her face. She brought her hands up to my chest and rub up to my shoulders, then back down again. She unbuttoned my golf shirt and kissed the newly exposed part below my neck while I felt up and down her forearms.Deb then leaned back and pulled her shirt up and off. Her purple bra stood out against her tanned skin (Asian tan, not the mild white-person change) and she reached behind to unhook it. Instead of taking it off, she held it against her breasts to keep them covered. She motioned to me to take off my shirt, so my shirt went off and her bra dropped down. She then clasped her hands behind her back, moved left and right and tilted her head down with a sexy, pouting look and me, inviting me closer to her.
With one hand I reached to one of her boobs and massaged it as I put my mouth around her other nipple. She laid her hands on my shoulders while I sucked on that sweet, subtle tit. She moaned and I kissed further down her body. When I got far enough, I undid her belt and jeans and as I pulled them down, Deb hopped up onto the table and opened her legs wide, right in front of me. I kissed the inside of her thigh and worked inwards. I kissed and licked her pussy, slowly, and brought my fingers up for an added touch. Deb’s breathing was getting deeper and faster, and so did my tongue. I spread her lips to get more specific in my work. From here I just improvised with whatever her reaction was. “Ooh. Ooo yeah! Ahh, right there, right there! MMMM YEAH!” I felt her pussy get instantly wetter and I knew that she just came.
She sat up and bent over the table, grinding her ass against my crotch. I undid my pants, pulled out my already hard cock, and slowly stuck it inside of her. She was so small that I looked huge in comparison to her, but her well exercised pussy wasn’t too tight to hinder performance. I was building a momentum, in and out, in and out, and she was loving every moment of it. “Oooooh, yes, yes, yes, yes! Oh God, that feels so good.” I started to get deeper than before until I was getting all the way inside. She turned over and now when I was going in, I could feel my balls hitting her ass. “Oh, fuck me! Fuck me HARD! Oh yes! Pull my hair!” I pulled the side of her hair and went faster. “Oh yes that’s it! Just like that”
I’m not as vocal a person during sex, but since she was saying so much I just threw in the occasional “Yeah! Oh God!” as she would moan, groan and yell. Deb started gyrating like a washing machine on the rinse cycle and I knew she was about to cum. She let out one big scream and I felt her cum like a geyser against me. She was having trouble catching her breath so I stopped, still not finished. I knew Deb was done and didn’t have the energy to keep going.
Deb saw that I still needed some help to keep going so she dropped down to her knees on the floor and held onto my cock. She got straight to business, no build up and at all and sucked on my cock. Her little hands made me look bigger than I really am and her little mouth was struggling to get around it at first, but she got use to the size and kept going. I couldn’t believe it when she tried to deep throat a bit—and succeeded too! I felt her gag on me and that was about all I needed. “Oh God I’m gonna CUM!!”
She jerked me like a jack-hammer as she pulled her head away but I was already shooting off. Most of it went in her mouth and I still had enough to get on her face. She couldn’t hold it all in so some leaked out of her mouth and onto her body. She smiled and told me, “Well now I’m definitely relaxed!” She winked, cleaned up over the sink and we got dressed. I don’t know how sound proof those walls were but either no one noticed, or they decided not to say anything.For more from this author, see "End of Exams", "After Prom Party" (from the short stories section) and the up and coming "High School Fantasies" (series section).

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