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Summer Of Love - The Summer Of 1967 - Part 3

Summer of Love - The Summer of 1967 - Part 3

By William Arthur - May 6, 2010 14246 Tom told me it was my turn, and knelt down in front of my hard shaft. He used his hands to steady himself against the bar and to hold his drink. He used his tongue and mouth for something else entirely.Slowly he licked from the bottom of my stiff prick to the big purple head. He took time to com completely wash my balls with his expert tongue as well as to stick the pointed tip of his tongue into my little cum hole. The only thing that slowed him down was when he took a drink of his drink – which I kept refilling.Prior to this night, only when I was much, much younger, had I had any experience with another guy and his cock, much less while in the presence of my wife. Although, as I looked over at her, she was in her own world and loving every inch of Bob’s refreshed cock. Now, he had her on her feet and bent over the bed. I think from the angle than he was up in her youthful pussy. He was slamming her so damn hard that the large bed was being pushed. How his cock did not come out as he withdrew and slammed back into her again, I don’t know, but he sure was pounding his meat deep into her cunt.Still without using his hands, Tom engulfed my rock hard shaft com completely in his throat. Not just in his mouth, but took every bit of my seven inches at one time down his throat and used his lips to begin suck- ing it. It did not take long for me to shoot a load of fresh cum deep into his body. He continued sucking, draining cum from me that I did not know I had. All the while his shaft hung there begging for attention and I was ready to give it some.Not nearly as good as his action was, but I stroked his manhood and then sucked for a few minutes, thinking I might stop before his cock exploded with it’s product. He had other ideas! As I was sucking, I felt him grab a hold of the back of my head and forced me to remain on his cock as he now was fucking my face and fucking me hard. He came and I swallowed every ounce of his love juice. When he finished, I had his cum dripping down my chin. I licked it off.My wife was now on her back, totally passed out. Bob was stand- ing beside the bed, roughly pinching her nipples and watching more of her milk spray from them. Tom walked over and began stroking his cock. He was followed by his friend doing the same. They both began shooting their load over my wife’s face and body. She had no idea what was going on. After wiping themselves off, Bob and Tom dressed and left, Before going out the door they thanked me for the use of the “sperm depository”.I looked over at her and saw that her bushy mound was com completely soaked in cum and her pussy juices. Her whole body was covered in what had been hot loads of cum. I was sure that many more ounces of the cum had made it’s way down her throat, and deep into her pussy and ass. I also wondered if she would be able to walk very well when she awoke. It was nearly eight in the morning and we had been going at it all night. I kind of hoped a maid would appear and offer to clean up the room and my wife. Of course, that did not happen. When she awoke, a little after noon, we talked about the evening and both agreed it had truly been an experience. She could indeed walk, and later while we were taking a shower, I learned that she was still horny as hell.

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