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AMISHI Fucks Her Internet Lover

AMISHI Fucks her Internet Lover

By - Feb 22, 2010 - From erotic- stories. Erotic Stories - Views - 8444 I was a recently engaged and my fiancee was hot and we had sex, but it was never enough for me. I decided to try out one of the adult dating websites. I thought, what the hell. I posted a profile with some pictures of mine. I started searching for members. I replied to dozens of women. I received some replies, but guys are at a disadvantage on these sites. Women get HAMMERED with messages and there are only so many they can respond too. Finally, I started talking with one on a regular basis. Her name was AMISHI. She started to IM me and we traded pictures and got videos. She is 38, about 15 years older than me. I thought She was single to mingle, AMISHI had nice 40 C breasts, a Hairy pussy, a big sexy and a pierced clit. We IM’ed for months and it was always sexual. Nothing else. I could tell she really wanted me and I wanted her. One late night, she gave me her cell phone number and I called her, blocking my number of course because I am looking to be discreet. We had phone sex. It was pretty hot and she really enjoyed it. We continued to IM for a while. Then finally, one day early morning around 7am she was on and I was on. It was a week day. I was like, lets meet today. She didn’t seem to want to, for reasons best known to her. I cajoled her for about 10 minutes and finally, I turned on my web-cam and she accepted. I pulled out my big, thick, hard cock. After she saw this, she agreed to meet. We agreed to meet at a halfway point, somewhere in South Mumbai, where we both resided. (we were about 15 minutes from each other). We decided to meet in the parking lot of a mall. This was during the week, so my cover story was that I was going to work and my job, I am not always at the office so I can get away with stuff like this. I arrived at the location about 10 minutes early. I was super nervous. I even considered leaving. I stuck it out and stayed. Finally, the time arrive. It was 9:30. Then it was 9:35, 9:40. AMISHI wasn’t there yet. I drove around the entire mall a few times just to make sure she didn’t get confused where we were meeting. Nothing. 10am rolls around and I turn the car back on to leave. I decided to wait 2 more minutes. Finally, she rolls in. Typical woman showing up late and at the last minute.I got out of my car and walked to her window. I chatted with her for a few minutes and she invited my into her car. I went it. She was wearing a long skirt and a blouse. Nothing to sexy, but she looked good. We chatted for a few more, finally she leaned over and gave me a kiss. A long, deep kiss. While we were kissing, I place my hand on the inside of her leg and slowly moved it up to her thigh. She place her hand on my cock and felt it grow inside of my pants. AMISHI said, "wow, it doesn’t feel like your pictures lied, your cock is rock hard and HUGE!" I just laughed. She said to me, "I want you to feel my pussy" So I moved my hand over her panties. Her panties were already SOAKED! She was one horny woman. I decided to pull her panties off and she didn’t stop me. I moved to the middle seat of the car and slid my fingers into her pussy. AMISHI had the wettest pussy I've ever slide my fingers into. I started to finger fuck her, first with 1 finger, then 2, and 3 and finally Four.She was really moaning. She really was enjoying in. She had a lot of bottled up sexual frustration she need to let out. After fingering her pussy, I unbuttoned her blouse. I reached into her bra and pulled one of her tits out. They were as nice as her pictures. I began sucking on her nipples, right in her car and in broad daylight. I kept my fingers in her pussy. After several minutes, I stopped and moved back to the passenger seat. She decided she wanted to see my cock and ask me to show it to her. I undid my pants, slide them down a bit and showed her my cock. Her hands were immediately all over it. She was in love with it. She began to lean down to suck on my cock. I stopped her. It was daylight and people were around. "We cant to this here, " I told her. She said, "Do you want to come back to my place?" I told her no that I didn’t want to go that far. She looked upset, so I said "we can continue this in a hotel. There is one nearby." So we agreed to meet at the hotel. I went back into my car and followed AMISHI to the hotel. While I was behind her, I started feeling a bit guilty and again thought about ditching her. My cock had other ideas. It was rock hard and wanted to play. We turned onto the street of the hotel and I still was considering just leaving. Its not like she knew where I lived or my real name or anything. I followed her into the parking lot. She got out of the car and said she'd go rent the room. While I waited, a time that seemed forever, I was still considering just pulling out of the parking lot. Something kept me there. After about 10 minutes, she came out with a room key. We both drove over to the room and parked our cars. And I followed her into the room.The room at 2 queen size beds. I followed AMISHI over to the farthest bed from the door. She pulled down the sheets and promptly undressed. She was standing in front of me, com completely naked. She began rubbing on my cock again, not that it needed it, because it was still rock hard. I grabbed her head and began kissing her. I took all my clothes off and was standing with her, both naked. I decided it was time for me to take charge. I grabbed AMISHI and threw her onto the bed. I got on top of her and put my cock between her tits. She started titty fucking me. I leaned back while doing this and started playing with her pussy again. I just couldn’t believe how wet AMISHI was. I just had to taste her.I laid down on the bed and told AMISHI in a growling voice that I wanted to eat her pussy. She stood up on the bed and stood over me. I grabbed her and pulled her and her pussy down on my face. I slide my tongue into her, extremely hot, wet and juicy pussy. She tasted sweet. I love my tongue in her pussy and she was just as pleased. She started to ride my tongue. Up and down. Up and down.....She began to scream louder and louder. AMISHI exploded a load of pussy juice all over my face. It felt and tasted GREAT. "I never came like that in my life, it was wonderful" I wasn’t done with her yet. I stood up and whipped my face off with a towel from the bathroom. I came back to the bed and told her to get on all fours. I started spanking her ass. She loved it. The harder I spanked her the loader she moaned in pleasure. I spread open her ass cheeks and took some of her pussy juices and started to lube her big Ass. She didn’t stop me. She seemed to enjoy it. After her ass was nice and lubed, I started to slide my tongue into her ass. I don't know what came over me. I never gave a rim job before. I didn’t mind at all! She loved my tongue in her ass! I began licking from her pussy all the way across her ass cheek. This drove her crazy! She loved it! "I want that cock in my ass! I have never had that big of a cock in my ass, I want you to fuck me hard", she yelled at me. I got back on the bed with her, her still on all fours, I slide my cock into her ass. I started to slide it in nice and slow to get her use to it. At first, she screamed in a bit of a painful manner, but I eased in. Once it was in, she said, "Hard and fast" I began to fuck her ass hard and fast. Harder and faster than I had ever fucked a woman in the ass. The harder I rammed the louder she moaned. After 5 minutes of ramming her ass, I gave her one more ram. With everything I had I pulled everything put the tip of my cock and and rammed it as hard as I could into her ass and it happened. I made her squirt out of her pussy. Her orgasm was so intense that she squirted! She was shaking as she was squirting. I quickly moved her her pussy and let her squirt all over me. She was shaking for a about 30 seconds and said "I want you to give me one last orgasm. I want to sit on your cock and ride it until you cum inside of me" I got up and tried to get the condoms that were in my pants pocket, but she pushed me back onto the bed and held me down, putting my cock into her pussy. She road my cock for another 5 minutes. Hard and fast. She came 3 more times....Then again, I could feel her start to squirt so with one last pump I slammed my cock into her and I came inside of her. I came hard and she squirted as my cock was inside of her. It was one of the most intense orgasms I ever had. I laid there with my cock in her for a few minutes and then I told her I need to shower and leave. I got up and went over to the shower...I wanted to take a quick shower....but AMISHI too followed.

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