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When the Lights Go Out

By Kayleigh - Feb 27, 2008 - From erotic- stories. Erotic Stories - Views - 4471 Tracy had never in her life enjoyed riding among the other patrons on the subway system, except on the rare occurrence she rode at night. The cars were always less crowded, thus less noisy letting herself hear her own thoughts. In this instance she had stayed much later than normal at work and found herself walking seemingly alone to the underground world she found very dark and mysterious. As she walked away from the ticket counter and along the cracked cement walkways to the turnstiles, she couldn’t help but feel lonelier than she has ever felt before. With her best friend moving out of the state and all of her friends having a significant other, she finds herself being the odd man out every where she goes. Tracy hadn’t had a boyfriend of her own in almost a year and was getting a little antsy.
She could feel the cold steel against her skin through the thin fabric of her favorite blouse as she pushed her way through the turnstile; much like she did any other time she didn’t feel like driving in to work. Except something was different about this time, she felt a light breeze come from the upper level as it brushed against her legs and slightly lifted her skirt. Tracy suddenly felt a calming feeling rush over her as she made her way to the platform. The train had not arrived yet, forcing her to wait impatiently on the bench right off the platforms edge. She normally has good timing when it comes to arriving just at the train is pulling in, but in the off chance that she has to wait she finds herself reading the same ad’s over and over that plaster the walls. As she was turning her head to find the next ad to skim over she caught the eye of a man sitting at the next bench. At first glance he was quite good looking and he sent her a friendly smile, to which she returned. Tracy secretly wished he would be joining her on the same train car so she would have more chances to look him over.
She heard the rumble of the train coming around the corner and gathered her belongings to prepare to board. The train came to a screeching halt right in front of her bench, making the journey with her heavy bags an easy one. One of these days she will try to lighten her load; it can’t be good for her back. She saw movement in her peripherals and casually glimpsed over to see that the gentleman that smiled at her was also preparing to board the same car. Tracy’s heart began to race a little bit and she fumbled with her stuff; so much for an easy journey. She managed to gain her composure and climb on to the unsteady train, quickly followed by the handsome stranger. Finding a seat near the back of the car, she set her stuff down on the floor in front of the seat and plopped down, exasperated. Fortunately for Tracy, the man planted himself near the middle in the chair facing the back. How lucky for her.
Tracy pretended to be reading over some paperwork she pulled out of her brief case, occasionally glancing up and out of the window, but really she was looking at the reflection of the beautiful creature sitting in front of her. She began pondering things like: where he was going, does he have a girlfriend, does he often ride the subway at night, and most importantly, boxers or briefs? She decided to look at him directly, without using the glass as a buffer. Tracy was very startled when she saw the man wink at her, she quickly became flustered and looked back down at her papers and fumbled to find something else to “read”. She must have been more nervous than she thought because her clumsiness caused her papers to fall to the floor. Without hesitation the stranger jumped up to help her pick up the mess. His hand lightly grazed hers as they reached for the same piece of paper and sent a mild shock up her arm. Stopping what they were doing, they looked up at each other and smiled. After they gathered all the documents, he carried the ones he captured back to her seat.
After Tracy verbalized her appreciation for his help, she noticed he didn’t return to his seat, instead he parked himself next to her and let out an audible sigh. Tracy acted like she was still arranging the papers in her bag and pretended like she didn’t see him sit down. When she couldn’t pretend any longer, she relaxed against the back of the chair and mimicked her strangers’ vexation. Not knowing what to do next, she began imagining how big his dick was. She often did this when she noticed good looking men that she was attracted to. However, what happened next was not of the norm. She could feel seat of her pants heat up and become moist. This guy has really got a hold of her. She made the conscious decision to kill the awkward silence and introduce herself to him. His name was Eric, he’s from Australia and he is a CEO of a Consulting Company. Tracy can hear the accent now and it makes her even hotter for him. She briefly told him about herself and they chatted for a little while as they passed several stations. A few people has joined them but got off at the next stop.
Suddenly, in the middle of their conversation, the lights in the car went out, causing Tracy to gasp slightly. Without thinking, she placed her hand on his and squeezed it, but almost immediately pulled it away when she realized what she did. She apologized for her rush action, but instead of a forgiveness, he placed his hand on hers and squeezed back. Even though it was dark, she knew she was blushing, but hoped he couldn’t see her rosy cheeks. She squinted to see his face and saw that he was smiling rather big. Tracy gathered her courage and extended her other hand to meet his cheek; much to her surprise they were also warm. She wanted to kiss him really bad but was hesitant; she’s never done anything like this and was very nervous. But it didn’t matter what her conscience was telling her, It’s been so long since she’s been touched by a man, her heart was taking it from here. She could physically feel all her inhibitions falling away as she thrust herself toward him with full force and kissed him so hard it hurt. Eric put his hands around her waist and hoisted her up onto his lap. He was very strong and Tracy enjoyed that. Their lips broke contact and Tracy looked down into Eric’s deep brown eyes, still holding his face. Eric ripped open Tracy’s blouse and buried his face in her chest, massaging them with both hands. This caused Tracy to throw her head back and dig her pelvis deeper into Eric’s bulge. She had a pretty good idea how big it was now. But she wanted a confirmation. In the midst of Eric’s pleasuring her upper half, she moved her hands between her legs to unbutton his slacks. She could feel him squirming underneath her; he wanted her just at much as she wanted him. She succeeded in getting his pants undone, but couldn’t go much further being on top of him, so she got to her feet and pulled his pants down to his knees. She felt her eyes widen greatly upon seeing exactly how big his bulge in fact was. While Tracy was still standing, Eric pulled her closer to him and started kissing her stomach, casually running his hands up her skirt to find her panties. She almost didn’t wear a skirt today.
After finding the top of her panties, Eric proceeded to pull them down slowly, not taking his mouth away from her soft skin. Tracy bit her lip as she watched the events happening below her. With her panties off now, Tracy lifted her skirt and placed herself back on Eric’s lap, without letting him enter her just yet. She began to slowly grind herself into him, teasing him a bit. Eric pulled her face down to his and attacked her lips with much hunger. Tracy pulled away and went for his neck, licking and sucking on it gently; it tasted so sweet. Eric reached around and grabbed a handful of her ass and pulled her into him even more. Tracy couldn’t wait any more, and she could tell Eric was getting restless too. She lifted her pelvis slightly and guided herself onto his throbbing dick. With one quick motion she dropped herself onto his lap and felt the length of him going into her with such force that she gasped loudly. Without her knowledge, Eric suddenly reached behind her and unclasped her bra in one quick motion, causing her breasts to tumble out and into his face. What a perfect place for them. Eric placed his wet lips around her left nipple and sucked on it while twirling his tongue around it simultaneously. How did he know she loved that? Tracy bounced up and down, making it hard for Eric to keep his mouth on her nipple. They were about to approach the next station where light would flood in through the windows. So Tracy got up, turned around and sat back down on Eric’s lap. That’s not as obvious right? Who cares, she certainly didn’t. Tracy leaned back against Eric’s strong chest and ran her fingers through his hair as she grinded him slowly. Eric reached around and cupped her breasts, pinching her nipples between his fingers. Luckily Eric is a tall man and Tracy has a short torso, allowing him to reach her earlobe with not much effort. At first he just flicked his tongue on the tip of it, and then he took the whole of it into his mouth to suck on. Tracy began to breathe much faster and squeeze her muscles around Eric’s cock much harder. She could feel his hot breath in short wisps against her neck. Tracy can feel herself getting close to climaxing, digging her nails into Eric’s thigh. The lights start to seep through the windows, but it doesn’t feel like the train is slowing up any. They must not be stopping at this one, lucky for them.
Darkness befalls on the car once more just as Tracy comes, screaming and moaning, out of breath. Eric is still trucking along though. Tracy looks around the empty car then stands up and leans over the front of the seats in front of them. She looks over her shoulder and smiles at Eric, prompting him to stand up and enter her from behind. Eric places a hand on each side of her for support and thrusts his fully erect penis into Tracy slowly. After he is all the way in, he pulls the majority out then forces it back in rapidly, pushing her into the seat. Taking one hand off of the seat he reaches around and in between Tracy’s legs and rubs the inside of her thighs, up to her lips and finally reaches her clit. Tracy gasps for breath and bites her lip as he slowly rubs her clit with his soft but manly fingers. At this rate she’ll be coming again in no time, which is okay with her. She can feel her juices running down her thighs. Tracy reaches over her head and grabs a handful of Eric’s hair and tugs on it, making him pound her faster. This is the best sex Tracy has ever had, and it’s with a man she just met. Maybe this is exactly what she’s needed the whole time.
Eric starts to slow his rhythm a little bit; he must not want to come yet. He pulls out, grabs Tracy’s shoulders and turns her to face him. Tracy begins to speak but Eric silences her with his mouth, pulling her tongue into his and sucking on it. He reaches down and grabs her leg, bringing it up and around his waist. He then rubs the tip of his penis against Tracy’s clit, teasing her to no end. To her surprise Eric drops to his knees and starts to lick up the juices that have run down her thighs. He makes his way up to her pulsating clit and takes it in his mouth, flicking his tongue against it. Tracy digs her fingers in to the chairs to keep herself from going weak. Eric places his hands on her waist and continues to lick up all the juices that have gone astray. Finally, he returns to meet her gaze, pulls her leg back up and around his waist. He plunges his cock into her once more and doesn’t stop thrusting until they’re both screaming and out of breath. Tracy collapses onto Eric and they both fall into the chair they once resided in. She peels herself off of him and into the chair next to him, and tries to catch her breath.
They both turned to look at each other at the same time and smiled. Tracy puts her blouse back on and pulls her panties back up. Eric follows suit and pulls his pants back up too, and then grabs Tracy’s hand and squeezes it. Tracy still can’t believe what just happened, but she enjoyed every minute of it. She should be approaching her stop soon, although she wishes she wasn’t. She reaches for her bag and pulls it onto her lap, digging inside for something. Finding one of her business cards, she kisses the front of it and places it in Eric’s hand. Light starts to creep into the windows and she confirms that this is indeed her stop. Just then, the lights in the car turn back on and she can now lay her eyes on the man that just violated her in the best way possible. She had forgotten how sexy he was. Tracy gathers her belongings and steps over Eric’s feet, leaning down to kiss him one more time, and whispers in his ear, “Call me.” Eric grins from ear to ear and opens his mouth to speak, “I will definitely be calling you soon.” And with that, Tracy struts down the walkway and steps off the train car. Once she hears the train start moving again, she turns over her should and blows a kiss to her new found lover. She will definitely be riding the subway at night more often.

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