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Lesbian Story

Lesbian Story

By Annie - Sep 1, 2006 - From lesbian-erotic- stories. Lesbian stories - Views - 22098 Rachel stood in the doorway for just a moment then looked at Jorge and smiled.
Jorge couldn't believe how beautiful her deep reddish hair was and trembled as they hugged for the first time. She hoped Rachel would like her Sunflowers scent and the way she wore her hair back and clipped with small gold bands.
"Hi...God your so pretty..." Her voice was shaky and her hands were shaking as she backed off a little bit to look at her.
"I was so scared of doing this...I almost chickened out."
Rachel looked at her and hugged her again..." Oh baby I'm so glad you did."
"Want to go have a drink?"
"Do you?"
"If you do."
She took Jorge's small hands in hers and then hugged her again..." God I can't believe your actually here."
The drive was almost silent as the two of them sneaked glances at each other and smiled...Jorge was so nervous Rachel felt sorry for her and when she pulled into the parking garage she pulled the keys out of the ignition and looked over...Her voice was breathless as she said..." Oh Jorge I wouldn't hurt you."
Jorge was licking her lips and trying to smile but her lips were trembling so bad and her breathing was so erratic.
"I know." She went to get out and Rachel held her shoulder for a moment.
She looked into her eyes and slowly they seemed to come to the center and kissed...It was a trembly one for both of them and the next one Jorge slipped her fingers into Rachel's hair and gently pulled her forward.
Her heart was beating so wildly Jorge thought Rachel must be able to hear it.
"Common Sweetie."
They quickly walked the half block to the dimly lit dance club and Jorge loved the blue mood lighting that greeted her.
They slipped into the booth and Jorge slipped her light tan coat off as Rachel told the girl they wanted white wine's with crushed ice, laced with peppermint.
"You'll like these...there really smooth and taste so good. "She smiled and then noticed the silky electric blue top that shimmered in the lights.
She pushed back and whispered to Jorge ..." Will you dance with me?"
Jorge didn't trust her voice so she just nodded yes and got up.
She tried to smooth the soft gray skirt down and suddenly wished she hadn't of worn such a short one. She pulled at the shinny thin black belt and looked up at her.
Rachel took her hand and squeezed it softly as she led her to the floor...she took Jorge into her arms and gently began to swing her around the floor while looking at her eyes.
Jorge couldn't stand it she moved closer to her body and felt so happy when Rachel held her really close to her and let her bury her head in her shoulder.
By the second dance she had her hand curled up in Rachel's and was wondering if she could kiss her here on the dance floor.
She finally decided she would and let her lips shyly kiss her neck. She loved Rachel's response and pressed her butt in a little bit as Rachel slipped her hand down it and held her close.
"Thank you for being so real and giving me time to adjust to this."
"Jorge It's ok sweetie...I knew you needed a lot time."
She led her back to the table and they sipped the wine and kept looking at each other...smiling and talking quietly.
"Want another one?"
"I'm not much of a drinker that ok?"
" Sure it's ok...Shall we go to my place ...or is it to soon?"
Jorge nodded "yes "Its ok." then she picked up her coat ...
she was putting it on as Rachel slipped around and helped her with it. She handed her, her purse, helped her flip her hair back out of the collar and smiled as she thanked the server and took her hand.
"I made us some dinner actually...if your hungry?"
"I'd love to eat something...the food on the plane was really crappy."
Rachel looked at her and quickly hugged her..." You don't have to whisper all night."
"My voice is really this soft actually." She wondered for a moment..." Does it bother you?"
She knew it did some people, they thought she was putting on airs or something.
She looked around and decided she loved the family pictures around the room and was surprised as Rachel caught her around the waist. "Common" ...she led her to the small table and handed her a single white rose then beamed at her smile as she sniffed it.
Jorge loved the way she had set the table...they were sitting side by side and so close. She tried to keep her mind on the food but was flustered by the candles and the way Rachel kept pressing her hand on her when she laughed at something.
"Taste." She slipped the spoon over and loved the way her tiny tongue reached out timidly to lick at the ice cream.
"It's good...Jorge reached out and grabbed her hand and looked into her eyes as she took the whole thing into her mouth. She shivered at the cold taste and kept holding her hand then she Kissed Rachel full on the mouth and loved the warmth of her lips and the cold of the ice cream.
She felt Rachel shiver and moan softly as she slipped some of the ice cream back into her mouth.
They each set the utensils they were holding down and melted into a warm hug.
Jorge's heart was wildly beating as Rachel pulled her up and kissed her again and again.
Jorge backed off and was trembling hard as she looked in her eyes.
"I should have brought some things with me...I haven't had time to shower or anything yet."
"It's ok Baby girl..mon..." she led her to the bath and turned the shower on... Climb in."
She came back with a fluffy short pink robe and a white one that was a little longer.
Jorge was leaning on the counter and trying to remove her pantyhose.
"Stand up Baby..." When she did Rachel slid the dark blue panties and sheer hose down at the same and helped her step out of them.
"Get in I'll be right behind you." She loved looking at the almost whiteness of her skin and the way she had shaved her self..." I love the way you just leave a little on the top."
Jorge blushed and admitted ..." I need a touch up really I haven't done it in three days."
"Want me too?"
"Ya I'll put a towel on the bed and get a pan...She reached in and turned the water off and pushed Jorge to the bedroom.
Jorge tried to lean up to look but Rachel gently pushed her down. She held her hands over her breast and knew her nipples were as hard as she had ever had them get.
Rachel spread her legs a little bit more and smiled at the sight of her pink lips...they were so moist she seen the slow drip down her crack and wiped it off with the towel, teasing the moist tip just a little bit.
"OH my god..." Jorge had to hold her breath.
Rachel got up to look at her..." Jorge?"
"You've never really done this before have you?"
She looked like she might cry but simply shook her head no.
Rachel got on the bed and looked into her eyes..." Baby?'
"Ya" Jorge looked at her and tried to hold her breath steady.
"OH baby..." She bent down and held her hands on both sides of her face..." Baby It's going to be ok...She kissed her softly and got back down and shook the can of shave cream...She wiped it into her everywhere and loved the way Jorge trembled in her hands and held her breath.
She pushed the leg out of the way again and held her fingers to push the lips out of the way as she made the tiny blonde hairs disappear with each stroke of the blade...she finished by making her hold her legs up so she could make sure she got the rest from her butt...As she cleaned the rest of the soap off she smiled as Jorge closed her eyes...She bent down to kiss the very center of her and was surprised by Jorge's hand stopping her.
"Please...I need to feel clean first...Please?"
The water was hot and steamy as she soaped her every where, then handed her the soap. Jorge began to explore her with the bar of soap and had to hold her breath as she washed her butt...Rachel lifted her leg and held her self open then leaned back...
Fresh and still wet in places Rachel led her to the sofa and put another rack of CD's on the table. She turned the lights down and smiled and patted her leg as she sat with her...The sounds of soft rhythm and blues washed over them and she could feel Jorge relax more so she turned around and sat so she was looking at her...There faces were about two inches apart and she started pushing her fingers through the thin wet strands of her blonde hair.
The kiss was soft and gentle...the surprise was to find her self being held and looked at...she stretched her self out along the sofa and let Jorge look at her face. She started kissing her timidly and in soft short bursts of love.
Jorge slid her fingers into the warm robe and felt her nipple grow under her fingers. She kept kissing her and feeling her warm skin.
Rachel let her explore and loved being held. Her breath still smelled like peppermint and candy.
She felt the tie being undone and lifted up as Jorge pulled at it then looked at her breast. She bent down and kissed it then looked back at Rachel...then she bent down again as Rachel's hand pulled at her head. Soon she was sucking in short soft bursts. ...then she would bite softly and pull back.
Her fingers slid down to her belly but seemed to stop short of her mound...Rachel reached for her hand and guided it to her now wet lips...She watched the look on Jorge's face as she slid her fingers into another woman for the first time...Suddenly Jorge looked at her and crushed her in a hug at the same time she let her finger enter her just a little bit. She withdrew it and let it slid over her slippery folds again and again...She kissed her several times...playing with every tiny crease...When Rachel lifted up to meet her fingers she let one slid softly into her entrance about an inch...She gasped as Jorge held it there before she began to slowly work them in and out while rubbing her clit with her thumb.
Jorge stopped sucking for a moment and watched her face while she let her finger go deeper in the hot wet hole...She withdrew it then pressed two fingers in her...she twisted the fingers and watched Rachel thrust at them and moan with joy...she smiled then began her short sucks on her nipples again while she withdrew the two fingers. Rachel held her self stiff and twisted her head "no Baby please...Jorge please fuck me." Jorge sucked twice more before she let her finger press up against the soft pucker of her butt ...she felt the ring of warm flesh hold her first joint and then let the other finger enter her pussy...she felt them almost touch as they inched their way up her...when they were deep inside she started to with draw them but Rachel moaned "no Darn you, now." Jorge drew back and watched her eyes as she began to fuck her... when she saw her eyes close and her face get tight she went wild in her...quickly fucking in and out and sucking oh her nipple.
When she came ...she came hard...then she looked at Jorge..." My turn baby girl..." She whispered softly to her...but had a hard time controlling her breath...
Rachel didn't even pick her robe back up ...she took Jorge's hand and gently led her to the bedroom. She pushed her to a standing position by the bed and kissed her lightly. Jorge was going to say something but she placed a finger on her lips and said "Shhh...hush baby girl."
Then she drew all the covers way back and was going to pull her to lay on the bed...then she caught the sight of her butt in the mirror and loved the way her ass was so full and the skin was so white. She stood up and looked at Jorge then drew her finger tips so lightly on her skin she could see the little bumps form along the trail. Jorge was shivering slightly as she moved around her back side and standing very close to her she let her fingers run between the cheeks of her ass.
When she pushed it a little deeper her fore finger found the slippery hot fluids and she smiled when Jorge gasped and arched her back. She gently pushed Jorge forward and quietly told her to lean on the bed with her elbows on it. Jorge trembled but she bent over and looked back. "Is this ok?"
"It's perfect baby girl." She kissed her on the lips warmly then got to her knees in back of Jorge and pulled a single finger down her back and when it hit her tailbone she let it slide between the warm folds of skin covering her ass. She rubbed the sticky, slippery fluids into her butt hole and smiled as she moaned softly.
"Bend way over Baby girl...please."
She bent forward so her shoulders were on the bed and her ass lifted up and she opened up a little bit more.
Rachel loved the sight of her brown wrinkled skin around the hole. She touched it tenderly and watched it try to grab her finger tip.
'Mmm...she let it into the soft warm hole a small bit and let it suck on it. She watched the small thin line of juice run down the lips of her swollen pussy lips and then make a wet line down her legs.
It was sexy to see her lips and her butt hole try to suck the fingers into her self.
She brought the fingers back out and sucked on them to wet them all the way...she let a bit of spit drop on the fingers and she mixed it with the stream of sex fluids running down her leg... When her fingers were slippery to the top she slowly pushed them into her butt and then out slightly... in a small fucking motion. Soon they were buried deeply in her butt hole and she started biting and licking her warm hot skin while she twirled the fingers in and out of her hole and loved the way the skin would follow her fingers out and pucker up.
Jorge was really running with fluids now and had a hard time trying to hold still so she let her legs collapse slightly so her knees would be on something solid. Rachel saw the hole try to grab her fingers back but she let her tongue enter the warm and slippery place and loved the welcoming pressure on it.
"Oh my god baby girl ...get up on the bed baby... hurry." She got her up and laid her on her back and kissed her all over her face as she fingered her clit. She got back down and made her lift her legs up...then she slid her arms way under her to hold her hips in the air...when she was split wide open she left her face mash all over her sex and then she slid her wet tongue as far as it would go, into her butt again...her nose slid into her wet pussy and she let her rub her clit on her face as she tongue fucked her butt hole. Jorge was overcome with new and very raw sexual urges and she franticly thrust at her face trying to relive her building lust.
When she cam she started to cry hard because it was so blinding and shot through her whole little body.
Rachel let her quiet down a little bit and got up to hold and reassure her that it was alright...
"Oh Baby Girl..." she pulled the covers over them and snuggled into a ball with her then she held and kissed her until she could stop crying.

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