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My Third Internet Lover

My Third Internet Lover

By Noemi S. - Oct 26, 2008 - From erotic- stories. Erotic Stories - Views - 9567 The first two stories of my Internet Lovers precede this one – so if you haven’t read The weeks passed by, with me alone with the kids again, most of the time so I was bored and started chatting again on the Internet. Meeting new people every day. I had sex more often on the Internet than in my own bed. Until I met my third lover on the Internet, what is best of this one he lives only 15 minutes away, just a phone call away.
I had talked with him before but now it was different I looked for his nickname in the chat room and rarely saw him until one good day he was there. And “Yes”, he remembered me. I still chatted with lover number one regularly, but number two is out of the picture, we are just friends no more sex with him.
With my first lover we talked in the morning he worked late shifts at his work. While my third lover, we did everything at night. I had a real routine going with these guys and I was getting hotter by the day.
So we started chatting at late hours of the night, while my husband slept. I was on the Internet and on camera with my new lover. Masturbating in front of the camera for him. I knew he was getting crazy to get his cock inside my pussy as I was getting crazy to have him do that as well.
But I asked myself,
”What excuse could I use to get out of the house again in so short a time? Will anyone suspect what I was doing?” I did not really care about it I just needed good sex and this guy was surely to please me.
In the mean time I was making plans to see both guys on different days. But I really had no time to go out of the house. My next brilliant idea and best of all, one that got me more excited than anything
“Yeah bring them home. To my house, to my bed. “ The thought really excited me.
Had been over a month that I was like this with these two men. It was Friday late at night, me and number three talking on the internet getting hot and horny on the cam wasn’t really doing it for us wasn’t filling us up with what we needed, we needed more and yes the question came:
“When are we going to meet? ”
Perfect timing my husband was going to be out early on Monday. Many questions came with this, my kids, the neighbors, the condom. Our date was going to be at 7 a. m. on the next Monday morning; kids would be sleeping, neighbors? Well hell with them, condoms, don’t want them at all. Did not have time to spare with those. His car - Easy - he works in a telephone company it is labeled so anyone that sees it, he’s just making an early visit to a very demanding client.
To all this he just thought we were going to kiss and touch and well just meet for the first time. We passed the weekend just thinking in any detail that could escape us and get us into trouble, especially me, but everything was well.
Sunday, as always, we were connected at 11 p.m. I gave him the approval to come and see me early in the morning. We disconnected early this time, I headed for the shower shaved my legs, my pussy, took a nice warm bath and went to sleep. Monday morning 6 a.m. husband getting ready for work, left half hour later. I made the security call to my lover. I got into my black nightgown, sleeveless short to half of my thighs, black g-string. Kids sleeping in their rooms behind closed doors.
7:05- the phone rings
“Hi baby I’m around the block everything ok for me to park in front of the house?”
I whispered,
“Yes, everything is ok”.
I went outside in my short black nightgown, phone in my hand and saw his car coming up the road. He parked, took some documents out of the trunk, opened the gate came into the yard shook my hand (in case neighbors were watching) as I directed him to the main door. I began swinging my ass for him to look at and enjoy as I walked in front of him. We went in to my living room. I stood in the middle of the room watching him put down the documents in the bar table.
“Hi, you’re more beautiful in person” And that smile captivating me totally.
Now this man was at least 6 feet tall, broad shoulders, white skinned, big brown eyes, he shaves his head.
“Thank You” was my response, “How are you doing this morning?”
“Very well”, he came closer and took me by the waist. Surrounded me with his arms and looked for my lips kissing me gently, sucking my lower lip softly.
His hands were caressing my butt, my thighs. He pressed me close to his body I could feel his hard cock growing in his pants pressed against me. My hands were caressing his back, my mouth responding to every kiss and my pussy getting wetter by every touch of his hands.
He put his hand under my nightgown feeling my buttocks as he moaned in approval when he touched me. Without stopping to kiss me he made his way to my wet pussy touched it through the light cloth of the g- string. With his finger he went up and down my slit causing me to tremble.
I put one of my legs around him, my arms around his neck. Gently with his fingers he pulled a bit on the cloth and introduced a finger to my wet slit, he then took that same finger and tasted my juices, I just loved the way he savored me. He started kissing my neck, the other hand started looking for my breasts, which also found a hardened nipple, and he squeezed it lightly.
He put his hands on my shoulders and slipped the straps off them he lowered my nightgown exposing my breasts. He took one in his hand and played with the hardened nipple. I continued and took my nightgown off. Put my hands in his belt and started to unbuckle it. Touching his hard cock through his pants unzipped it and eagerly put my hand inside his underwear.
It was so hard and hot I started to stroke his cock while he sucked my breasts. He again looked for my pussy stroking on my clit, I was so aroused at this moment I had to let go of his cock and just enjoy the orgasm he was producing in me. I was moaning trying to catch some breath, he noticed the responsiveness in me, took his hand out from my clit, caressed my thighs, and then kissed me gently.
He went to the couch and seated himself.
“So what are you going to do today?”
I said nothing in response but I walked to where he was and kneeled in front of him.
“I want you in my bed”. I started to undress him, unbuttoned his shirt caressed his chest.
I leaned forward, started kissing his neck then went slowly down to his chest, my hand finding his hard cock. I stood up and took his hand, then made him follow me to my room.
“Are you sure of this? He asked.
“Yes I am. Come with me.”
I lay down in the bed as he took his shirt off then his pants followed. Underwear disappeared in front of my half opened eyes. Lay down beside me as he started kissing my breasts, fingering my wet pussy. He went down some more kissed my belly button. Kissed then my inner thighs and slowly made his way to my pussy.
I thought as his mouth covered my slit,
“ Damn was his tongue hot on my pussy.” He started sucking and licking my wet slit.
He put his tongue inside my opening - in and out. My orgasm was rising. He passed his tongue up and down my slit then in and out my pussy. I had to take a pillow and put it in my mouth, as I was about to scream.
My orgasm came, he knew it as he took the pillow off and kissed me. He pulled me a bit leaving my butt on the edge of the bed, as I put my legs around his back and I felt him press his gnarled ample cock inside me just a little ways in, not com completely just giving me the taste of it as he caressed my breasts.
I was moving my hips around in a circle under him. Vagina playing with his cock inside of me. He took it out and made me stand; he then lay down in the bed (the side my husband sleeps on). I went on top of him and laid on his chest, my pussy searching for his cock, found it and I was so wet it just slipped inside. It expanded my vagina as it slipped easily inside all the way.
He took his hands and took my breasts one in each hand. He sucked them, put them in his mouth and sucked on them. I started making the up and down movements feeling another orgasm rising. I went faster up and down. He wanted to come too but instead he put his legs up blocking me from pushing down too hard and not letting too much of his cock inside.
“Oh please! Baby let me come, please give me all your cock”. I whispered.
He started kissing me controlling him. He put his legs down and put his thumb finger on my clit
“You want to come? Do it now give me your cum now” He moved his finger faster on my clit.
I was moving in circles on his cock
“Ahhh baby! Yes I’m coming”
He put his hands on my waist and pushed me down on him.
“Yes good! Baby good”. He then pulled me again in the edge of the bed. One leg over his shoulders the other leg down beside the bed. He put his cock in my pussy again then went slower, letting my orgasm subside a little but not much. I was passionate again holding on to the sheets as I often do, I wanted to feel him deep inside.
“Please baby fuck me hard I want you in me hard”. I squeezed on my breasts as he started pushing faster and harder.
“Yeah like this you like it don’t you?”
“Yessss”. He leaned down on me, my two legs now around him as he kissed my neck.
He whispered into my ear
“You’re my little whore, aren’t you?”
“Yes, daddy all yours. Now fuck your little whore and give her your cum” He started thrusting hard and fast.
“Here baby, ” I screeched as I felt my orgasm on its way too. I told him so he left his cock inside me shoot inside. I felt his hot sperm inside and raised my thighs a bit crossed my legs tight behind him as my orgasm met his.
We were a mess but since we had no more time, I had prepared a couple of wet tissues he cleaned up but I stayed with his cum inside. I took him to the front door and he left. 15 minutes later he calls: “Everything ok”
“Yes’ I said in response.
“You were wonderful baby, talk at night got to get back to work”
The day passed and everything was ok.

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