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Spanked By An Angel

Spanked by an Angel

By Spank E Van Illa - Apr 20, 2010 - From spanking- stories. Spanking stories - Views - 24202 A mother in the pew behind him was patting her baby's bottom--to keep it quiet. Her hand's pat-pat-pat was a pleasant sound to his ears. He wondered if she might also be pretty and he wanted so bad to peek! When the preacher joked and the congregation laughed, he sneaked a peek, back and toward the left, where the bottom patting sound must be coming from. As he turned his head and sneaked a peek, her eyes met his. He felt like he was caught red-handed--a naughty boy doing something he shouldn't. Her face was pretty alright--all the more pretty because of her demure, captivating smile. Her "movie star quality" lips were irresistable to him! She continued patting her baby's bottom as she looking steadily into his eyes. He turned back around but he couldn't help continuing to listen for the sound of her hand. His thinking that that pretty mother might just guess he had a thing about her hand and that pat-pat-patting sound, plus, his peeking confirmed she was indeed pretty--all this was giving him a little 'problem' as he sat in his pew. He had to shift his posture to make room for the beginnings of an erection--an erection he didn't want his pew neighbors to know anything about. Why did erections happen whenever he saw a pretty woman he would gladly accept a spanking from? And when it started up, why couldn't he stop it before it was all the way up? He never asked for this! It's just that his thing would sometimes rise up, non-stop, when he thought about spanking. Why do mothers pat their baby's bottoms, anyways? Why was he excitable whenever they did? Why, once, did the only other two people in the dentist's lounge, both women, talk with each other, apparently so that he could overhear them--you guessed it--they talked about spanking--why? What were they trying to do to him?He wished he could look back at her again. But what if she caught him doing 'the second look'? Then she would know for sure how helplessly attracted to her he was and she might even think that maybe she was turning him on. She might guess his spanking fetish because he had looked at her hand as she patted! She would probably not like him anymore if she knew about his secret desire for a good spanking by a pretty girl. Then again, maybe if she did know, she might become his special angel--sent to take care of him in this especially intimate way! He decided to sneak a second peek and waited for any kind of disturbance that might help him hide his irresistable interest in the pretty young mother. There it was, another small joke--he turned his head, but WHAM! She intercepted him eye to eye and again showed a smile that actually seemed sort of 'appreciative' of his helpless 'second' looking. OMG, it might occur to her that I am wishing I was in her baby's place-- anywhere not here and ALONE with her--he'd be laying across her lap and she would be patting his bottom--albeit bare and harder--perhaps much harder. And as he thought these thoughts, his 'problem' just increased all the more.You are entering "THE MASTURBATION-SPANKING FANTASY ZONE!" She entered his mind, telepathically, from the rear and surprise, surprise!--he could hear her say, "Do you wish there was a girl who understood your one most powerful secret desire--the need to be spanked by some pretty 'girl' like me?" Yes, he thought back to her, telepathically. Her face began to shine like an angel's face--loving the way he worshipped her. Her smile was even more pretty if that were possible--so much so that his eyes could NOT look away. He was so hooked on the feelings her 'responsiveness' caused."I know, " she whispered, telepathically, exuding a sweet confidence. "You are wishing, and hoping, and waiting, and wanting me to give you that special spanking--I know it and I like it. I want to be the pretty girl you choose to spank you. It will make us both feel good. So! -- Am I reading your mind like you wished for? -- I'd love to spank you. Would you love it, too?" Yes, he thought back to her. YES! you have made me so happy right now. She added, "I know--I can feel your emotion." She reached toward his pants and pressed, feeling the hardness of his desire for her spanking. "I didn't know you liked me so much! But, I'm glad. If we can find somewhere to be com completely alone together, I promise to fulfill your deepest secret fantasy. Would you like that?""Would I?" he reflected back to her. "I would do anything to experience that!" Her responding smile did it to him again. He loved looking and looking at her gorgeous smile. The glow in his pants was drugging him beyond reason. An "I love you!" just 'slipped out' of his secret mental garden and she 'heard' it too. "I know, " she said, and then added, "I am so glad you do. I love you, too." The drug was continuing to take total control of him. Who would ever want to resist this bliss? It was just too good to be true!The people in the pews, who could have been really real, all began standing up and his mind jerked back to reality. There were the usual final good words and then everyone began merging into the aisles. He was now sideways in his aisle and could look full on at her--the 'pretty woman' of many boys' wistful dreams. Again, she smiled and--what was that? Did he see her wink her eye? No! It couldn't be! That would be like a dream come true and his best dreams never came true.Since he was in front of her, he entered the main aisle before her. The aisle full of people advanced toward the exit. When he and she were in the narrow passageway to the outdoors, a most surprising thing happened. It was so surprising he wasn't sure it really happened or if he was only wishing so hard for it--that he just thought it happened. He thought he felt a distinct double pat to his right bun! Not a single bump, which could happen accidentally by anyone, but a double patting or bumping. Did she do that? Did she have the nerve to do what he didn't dare do?--something he could only wish for and fantasize about forever? He turned to see her face-- and she winked again--yes! it could only have been her hand--and it was not an accident! He had hope for a miracle now!"Do you wonder if I have a husband?" She was always one thought ahead of him. "Yes, " he agreed. "Don't worry, I am a widow and my baby has no father living. The Bible says to take care of widows and the fatherless, doesn't it?" Yes, he remembered hearing that once. "So would you like to take care of me this afternoon? I promise I will take care of you. Would you like my phone number?" "YES!" he said, a little too exuberantly, he realized. But nobody seemed to be paying any attention, fortunately.After getting her number and address, he went to his apartment and wondered how old she was? Older than he was, for sure. More experienced than he was, too. When it was time for their afternoon date, he followed her directions and arrived. He was amazed at her house. It was small but neighbors were far enough away so that they should not hear any particular sounds, if his dreams came true today. Could this be any more perfect?The door opened and there she was, with that smile he could never get over. "Come in and sit down in the living room, " said his hostess's seductive sounding voice. She came almost straight to the point, "I think you liked the sound of my hand patting my baby's bottom." "Yes, " he admitted. "Do you find it grabs your attention--my hand patting her bottom? Do you like to listen or is it more like you can't help listening?" "I can't help it, " he admitted. "I know how you feel, " she claimed. "You do?" he was surprised, yet it was everything he could hope for. "When I was little, I was spanked when I was naughty. My dad would take me over his lap and spank me on my bare bottom. I was always afraid of his spankings--when I was little--but I also found out I liked to hear my neighbor boy getting his bare bottom spanked by his mom whenever he was naughty. I learned to tell the difference in sound between a bare bottom spanking and one with the pants up. Could you tell whenever someone's bare bottom was being spanked? Let me rephrase that--do you like it that I am talking about spanking?""Yes, I like it when you talk about spanking, " he confessed. "I'm glad, " she smiled. "I think I know what you want. I think I know what you need. I think you want it so badly, you would dare to try it, just to find out what it's like--am I right?" "Yes, " he admitted. It was nice to not have to explain and justify and explain and justify--so much nicer that she understood what he needed. And how bad he wanted it. He felt so good about her depth of understanding. "Are you glad you have finally found me--the one you want--to give you that bare bottom grown-up spanking you dream about?" "Yes, I can't stop 'loving' you because of how you make me feel." "I know, you must have dreamed about this for so long." "How did you know?" "Well, a few years ago, I sat for another much younger boy than you, who, I discovered, had this need to be spanked. He would promise to be good for me if only I promised I would spank him before his bedtime."After that I was curious about those boys who secretly wanted to be spanked by pretty girls. So I researched it and found that not only grown up boys but grown up girls find they want to be spanked, over the knee, on their bare bottoms--it's usually an opposite sex thing. I learned how to give each young man the spanking he wanted and needed, which kept him coming back to me for more spankings. I learned how to find those boys because I prefer to do the spanking. I can now 'learn' my female friends how to take care of this one particularly curious need of their own boyfriends. You are my tenth. I promise you I have learned how to make the male body give him so much pleasure he will never forget me. All I want is to be remembered, and loved.""Before we get your spanking started, I think I should slip into something especially exciting. Would you like me to dress up like a Dominatrix, a Temptress, a Princess, an Angel or ... " "An Angel--you already have the face of an Angel." She turned toward her walk-in closet. When she returned, she was wearing a white, very sheer, negliee with a Victoria's Secret Push Up Bra showing some captivating cleavage, and a white thong. White on white--it can look so good when one is trying hard to peek through sheer white fabric for something erotic underneath. She stood there, a bewitching picture of loveliness and in her hand a paddle--no! It was a mirror. "I left my wings in the box, " she smiled as she walked over to a couch and sat down on the edge of it, crossing her bare legs, first this way and then that way--slowly, mind you, so he could drink in every inch of her sexy thighs and calves. "Come over here--to my lap, " she said with that ever present, 'come hither' smile. "Oh----would you first go to my closet and choose a paddle?" He came out with a clear, plastic paddle that had a heart-shape to it. "I like your choice, " she said as he handed it to her. "Take down your pants, you sweet naughty boy, and come stand by my lap, right here. Good! Now, take my mirror--I need you to hold it so I can see what I'm doing. I think you will enjoy watching me put on lipstick. Hold this mirror with one hand so I can see my lips. Now, I want you to tug and stroke your erection with your free hand as you watch me. I am going to use my free hand to tickle your balls--do you think we can work together and do this?"So he did as she said. He stood beside her lap--the lap that he would soon be bent over, in the classic OTK spanking position--and he held the mirror in front of her angelic face. She extended her bare arms in front of her and pulled the lipstick out of its cover. Her bare arms looked good to him. She twisted the tube and dark red color erected out of the plastic golden 'foreskin'--similar to the way his own penis erected from its turtle neck of loose partial foreskin! Each of her slender lady fingers was tipped with a perfectly defined dark red nail. What a colorful erotic joy to behold! "Spanked by an Angel"--that should be a suitable title for this fantasy, now wouldn't it? She reached for his balls with the hand not needed for doing her lips. His penis began to feel so good, watching her apply color to her shapely lips which were a real work of art--a perfectly symmetric pair in both vertical and horizontal dimensions. Her lightly scratching his balls almost drove him crazy.As he stroked his erection he could see how, from the side view, her upper and lower lips began at a corner and fanned out thicker in matching proportions--it sure made his erection feel good to study her sexy lips so intently. And she moved so slowly he had plenty of time to savor her every graceful move and her every feature. From the front view, both left and right sides were symmetry in perfection--the beauty of her sensuous mouth was exciting his penis to ever greater heights of pleasure as he tugged and stroked it. As she carefully followed and sharply defined the edge of each lip, she would pause and smile and say things like, "You know what's going to happen when I finish putting on my lipstick?" (Yes, he knew) "No more delays--I am going to spank you, naughty boy. I am going to bend you over my knees and I am going to paddle your bare butt till its pink. Then I am going to caress it with my hands right where I paddled it--do you like it when I dsicuss your spanking? Am I making your penis happy and hard?" He gasped as his first partial orgasm seized him. His erection became so tight-skinned, he had to scarcely caress himself, and do it so slowly, lest he lose it before he got his spanking."Did you almost lose it, just now--was that a passion rush?" she asked sweetly. "Was it something I said?" She knew it was! And he confessed to her that her voice had him so turned on that he almost did lose it. "What's it like?" she wanted to know, although she already did--she just wanted to hear his confession. He told her that when he's up near the top of the cliff of Mount Orgasm, he could sometimes over-tease himself and try to get to new heights of arousal, but that each partial orgasm (passion rush) that seized him brought him closer to the point of no return. When he got to that point of no return, it was either he had to let his orgasm fall like an avalanche, or else it might fail to happen. Then he would be miserable. He confessed how he loved her voice and that her choice of words was getting him higher than he'd ever been before. It was all because of her! She could tell his confession was sincere.Her graceful fingers pressed the shiny golden tube of lipstick against the other lip and she continued her coloring. Her lips were becoming so altogether hot like a work of art as he stroked his penis that another passion- rush happened. He gasped and quickly let up on the teasing so as not to lose it. She stopped coloring and said, "I will resume paddling you till your buns are red and tingling. I promise you I will make your bottom sting so that you can enjoy the sensation for quite a while after I'm all done spanking you. Do you like it when I talk about spanking you--while you are watching me put on lipstick?" She reached out and felt the hardness of his erection and remarked with a little chuckle, "I can tell how bad your penis wants you to be spanked! It's like it's begging or should I say shouting for it." "You almost made me lose it again, " he gasped because another passion-rush seized him. He was feeling so thankful for what she was doing to turn him on so hard.So provocative were her words and voice and her looks that he felt another sudden rush of passion strong enough to make him cum. But he didn't want to cum until he was bending over her knees and being spanked. She smiled again and said, "I think you want to tell me something. Do you? I think you have a secret you want me to know and it's burning in your heart like a raging fire. I think you want so bad to tell me your secret. Why don't you tell me? Sometimes confession is as good for the soul as it is for the penis.""You have made me love you!" he said with such a burst of emotion. Oh, the joy of telling her of his burning passion for her! She was so right. He really wanted her to know. And accept him. And enjoy his adoration for her. By now his penis was so stiff it almost hurt--the skin so tight that all the thousands of nerves on it were totally exposed to every delightful caress. Not a nerve was hidden in any folds of skin anymore. He could stroke his hardon with the slightest ticklish touches and feel like every nerve got zapped with pleasure. Slow motion touches. Feather light touches. All the while knowing it was all because of her. She smiled yet again and said, "I think you can't take waiting anymore. Let's bend you over my knees and get this spanking started! Allright? Are you wanting it so bad that you just can't wait any more?" Another rush of tingling passion-sensations seized him and he almost lost it again--he so loved her voice when she talked to him like that. "I love you so much, Angel." How come he just called her Angel? He knew he was thinking it, and feeling it, but the outburst of it surprised even him. "Ok, you may lay across my lap now and I will give you that spanking I promised."As he bent over her lap, she took his erection in her hand and guided it between her soft silky thighs. She enjoyed the view of his bare butt, resting in the perfect place for her spanking hand. Relaxed and hanging over her lap, he felt her hands skimming over his bare bottom's skin. He turned his head to get com comfortable and in one direction he saw a mrirror was placed just so he could see her pretty hand upon his bare butt. And see her pretty face, too. What a contrast her pretty red nails made on his bare white butt! All these delights! She caressed his naked bottom with her paddle and then moved it to between his thighs. And then she used its edge to slide up and down between his buns. She shook some talcum powder on him and sprinkled some between his cheeks and then smoothed it into his crack with the edge of her paddle. He liked it when he could feel her paddle tickling his perineum and his anus. She stopped caressing his bare butt with her paddle and just paused. She silently lifted the paddle up and back and prepared to give him a real spanking. She began fast but medium hard--and then she gave him a break as she caressed his mildly stinging buns with her angel soft hands. He watched as her nails glided gracefully over his buns. Then she took careful aim and this time was very careful to spank him right over his anus and as low as possible so as to vibrate his prostate. And make his buns sting all about his anus. The spanking vibrations loosened up all the cum he had stored up over the last two days and made it ready to pump out when his orgasm overtook him. Then she began the final spanking that got harder and harder as she saw his pre-orgasmic goosebumps increase. He watched in the mirror as her lips counted each spank. It was obvious how much he was enjoying her spanking! And as his goosebumps increased, his bottom tingled more and more--not with pain but pleasure-- any real 'pain' just seemed so far away from him. So she spanked him really hard now. His natural pleasure drugs were coursing through him, thrilling him beyond all thrills he had ever known before her. He loved the movement of her lips when they formed the words and also the sound of her voice, counting the spanks, and he felt his coming orgasm building and building. He gasped for breath and tried to call out her name. "Oh, spank me, Angel, spank me more! Please! I love your spanking. Please--spank me more." He was already so much in love--he felt like he was drowning in love for her as his cum pumped out onto her soft silky thighs. He lay still at last as she pat-pat-patted his well-spanked buns with her soft hands -- for a long time. Finally, "I'd like to wipe my thighs." He rose slowly, though he was so very happy right where he was, just basking under the sweet rhythm of her patting hand. She cleaned herself up and they both restored themselves to full dress. "Will you think about me from time to time?" "I don't think I will be able to stop thinking about you!" "So call me!" "Definitely, " he said as she kissed him out the door.The next day, as he sat at lunch, he suddenly saw her image in the scrapbook of his brain--he sprouted an erection so fast he couldn't believe it! Never before had he fallen in love so hard like this. He called her as soon as he could, "Please can I see you?" "Do you have a boner?" "Yes, " he whispered "Do you need to go over my knees again so soon?" "YES!" "How do you want me to dress? Angel? Dominatrix? Prin" "Angel!" he exclaimed enthusiastically. "Ok, see you soon, sweet naughty boy."When she opened the door, looking like his special angel in white, her lips captivated him instantly with their characteristic accentuated 'Mona Lisa' smile, and he rushed to her and kissed her feverishly on her cheeks, almost knocking them both over. "Oh! Easy.... Can't hardly wait for me to spank you?" she teased. Her smile at his enthusiasm was pushed every which way as he kissed her cheeks aggressively, but carefully, avoiding her gorgeous, hot looking, 'movie star', lips lest he smear their perfect definition.She unzipped his pants and tested his member for hardness, "Oh, you poor boy! You feel like you are so much in love." "I am!" his tone sounded like he felt overwhelmingly so much in love. She lead him over to her couch and sat down on its edge, and pulled up her sheer white nightie, showing her lovely legs to him. "Come here, naughty boy. I think you want a spanking. Do you?" He told her yes, naturally. She said he should try begging her to spank him--it would do them both good. The more they talked about spanking, interactively, while giving each other a little time delay so their desires could build, the more intense it all became. He pleaded with her for a spanking and she said let's talk about it some more. Emotions were running higher and higher. Finally, she took him over her knees and spanked him. He came very easily and wanted to just lay there, while she pat-pat-patted his bottom. Permission not granted to claim the copyright to this original episode is yours.
by Spank E Van Illa
Spanked by an Angel--an erotic story by Spank E Van Illa

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