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Summer Term

Summer Term

By Don Brown - Jan 29, 2008 - From spanking- stories. Spanking stories - Views - 34478 Linda was rushing from the station after a weekend at home.
She dare not be late for Mr. James.
She opened the door and checked her watch 5.55, just made it.
Mr. James was just collecting from Zoë, £250 thank you Zoë.
£250 thank you Pete.
Linda was searching through her bag, oh shit. I thought I had been to the bank.
Have you any spare you 2?
I have £40 said Zoë and I have £20 chimed in Pete.
How much are you short?
Come Linda, payment time, pressed Mr. James.
Sorry Mr. James I am £25 short, just give me 20 minutes and I’ll get it for you. I have it in my bank but forgot to withdraw it with rushing.
Your choice Linda, pack or punishment, you know the rules.
Please could you make just 1 exception, I do actually have the money in my account.
Key please.
I will accept the punishment Mr. James sir.
Fine, shall we move to your room Linda?
To be fair sir, these 2 lent me the money to make my punishment lighter so I think they have a right to witness my stupidity.
You will call me sir during your punishment, do you understand?
Yes sir.
We can stop at any time but if we stop you pack, do you understand?
Yes sir.
Right lets commence, strip.
Yes sir.
Linda removed her jumper, blouse and bra. Her tits bounced free as if on a coil. 36dd for sure, stuck firmly to her chest with proud nipples as if on stalks.
She turned to the other 2 as if for reassurance and Pete had to adjust his trousers. His cock was trying to escape but facing down instead of upright.
Zoë watched, fascinated, as he struggled with its size.
Linda also noticed the stuggle he was having but continued. She slipped off her trainers and socks and lowered her cut offs to be left in her thong.
She looked at Mr. James with pleading eyes to see if she could keep it on.
Would you like extra Linda?
No sir and she whipped off her thong.
Ok Linda come and place yourself over my knee, I will start your punishment with a spanking.
She lowered herself over his knee and stuck her bottom in the air.
Yes sir.
Please tell me what these wheel marks are across your bottom.
From my mum and dad sir.
On Friday night sir.
Linda began to explain.
Well on Friday night I went to the local pub for a drink with some friends I had not seen for ages.
Dad said not to be late as we had guests for lunch on the Saturday, as it was my Nan’s birthday, which is why I went home in the first place, she was 80.
The landlord offered a lock in so it was after one when I left.
Mick walked me home and we stood on the doorstep.
We kissed and snogged then he put his hands up my skirt and down my knickers.
I suppose I responded by undoing his belt and buttons and letting his jeans drop.
I put my hand down his pants and pulled out his cock.
He pushed my knickers down my legs and I stepped out of them so I did the same to him.
He got me real excited and just put his cock on my pussy lips when dad opened the door.
He went mad, grabbed both our arms and took us into the lounge.
He said nothing but put us both over an arm of the settee.
He left us for a minute whilst he went out. I knew he was fetching the heavy strap and he returned with it in his hand.
He started with me and gave me 5 hard cuts on my bottom, I kept quiet even though they hurt like fuck, he sopped moved to Mick and gave him 5, Mick screamed on the third.
He gave us 20 each then stopped.
Stand up lad, Mick stood sobbing his heart out, dad grabbed his cock and led him to the door. If I ever see this out again I will chop it off, do I make myself clear?
Yes sir, no sir, sorry sir. Mick picked up his boxers and jeans and ran down the drive.
Mum could hear what was happening but knew her place, and stayed up stairs till dad called her.
Dad said what had happened and mum told me to stand and led me to the front of the settee and put me over her knee.
Now she was a 5 star spanker, and she belted my bottom for what seamed an hour. Stand up and get to your room, she shouted. We will talk more ion the morning.
I knew what that meant from experience.
I was woken up by mum opening the curtains, up young lady she shouted.
I jumped out of bed and saw mum with the cane. You know the drill.
I removed my nightie and bent over my dressing table stool.
Lets see if 20 will make you realize the errors of your ways my girl and landed the first as she stopped speaking.
Whoosh, One mamma sorry.
Whoosh, two mamma sorry.
Whoosh, three mamma sorry.
Dad popped his head round and watched the next five, serves you damn right he said.
Whoosh, nineteen mamma sorry.
Whoosh, twenty mamma sorry.
She stood me up and cuddled me as a loving mother who cared deeply for her child would.
You know we hate whipping you Linda but it is for your own protection.
She held me in her arms and stroked my sore bottom till my heartbroken cries turned to short sobs.
Prepare Linda as Mr. James struck his first spank. I wanted to give the other 2 a show so after about the fifth spank I opened my legs and started to thrash about a little. I was so glad that I had shaved my pussy lips the night before..
The spanking stopped, stand.
I raised myself off his knee and waited further instructions.
Have you a slipper?
Yes sir, in my room.
Fetch it.
Yes sir.
She gave her pink mule to Mr. James.
That was £10, now hold onto the bottom rung of that dining chair and stick your bottom out.
She formed a perfect 45degree angle and spread her legs.
Mr. James pushed down on the bottom of her back and made her bottom rise even higher.
Thwack, the first blow landed like a door slamming and brought an immediate response.
Thwack, thwack, thwack.
She took 20 blows with her hard soled mule. Each smack left the imprint of the sole.
Stand, that is £20 paid.
Touch your toes, Linda spread her legs and bent right over. Her slip was inviting her audience in and her tits were hanging with extended nipples as though it were feeding time.
Mr. James undid his buckle and slid his belt slowly through his trouser loops.
He bent it double and gave Linda his well-rehearsed speech.
The last £5 will be recovered by 10 strokes of my belt. You will count each stroke, if you miss one or are too slow it will not count and you will receive a new stroke which we will call interest.
Turn and touch your toes.
Linda cried a sigh and bent over and touched her toes.
Mr. James rested the belt on her bottom till he was ready, he removed it.
Linda heard a whistling sound and felt the impact on her bottom.
One thank you sir.
Whish, two thank you sir.
Whish, three thank you sir.
Nine thank you sir.
Mr. James stopped, had she miscounted, then whish the final welt crossed the other nine in a diagonal.
Ten, thanks you sir, Linda screamed but kept her position.
Linda stood and danced around the dinning area clutching and rubbing her bottom. Her tits were running free, to the left, to the right, up then down, what a fantastic sight Pete thought and he noticed the hairs above her slit formed just one stripe af about one inch wide showing off her proud clit.
Will you be short with the rent again Linda?
No sir, never sir, and thank you sir for dealing with me in a prompt and sincere fashion.
Mr. James never answered; he replaced his belt and left the house.
Pete followed Zoë as they went into a group hug with Linda.
They pushed themselves together for about one minute. Linda felt the bulge in Pete’s pants as soon as they started hugging.
She dropped her hands from behind the other twos necks and moved to Pete’s jeans. She got hold of his cock on top of his jeans and he let out a moan. She unfastened his belt, undid his top button and pulled down the zip.
His jeans fell to the floor; he kicked off his trainers and stepped out of them.
They all then released their hugs.
Linda lifted Pete’s tee shirt over his head as Zoë moved to his boxers.
She had once seen a blue movie where the girl reached down into the guys unders and lifts out his cock.
Zoë pinched Pete’s cock through his boxers; she wanted it as big as possible.
She reached down from his waistband into his boxers and bi passed his cock and cupped his jewels.
Pete moaned again.
She tossed them gently then reached up and got hold of his cock as if it were a slippery eel. She gripped it half way down and brought it to the surface. She angled her hand so the head popped out first followed by the body. She rested his balls on his waistband and admired her handiwork.
She lowered his jockey shorts and he lifted each leg out. His cock bounced free, still not fully erect so nice and floppy. She knelt and pushed it to her mouth.
She opened her lips slightly as if to form a puckered kiss and moved up and down his shaft. Her tongue came out and washed over it from the base to the helmet. She bit gently on the helmet causing another moan.
Her tongue explored his opening and his head then she took him fully in. his cock hit the back of her throat and she gagged, she slowly removed it and Linda took over and took him straight in her mouth.
Zoë stood and removed her halter-top and unhooked her bra. Her young tits bounced, as they were set free, her nipples rose from their soft pink bed into large missiles prepared to be fired.
She lowered her shorts and he could see her knickers had changed colour on top of her slit were she was wet.
She paraded as if in a strip show, her little fingers hooked into the elastic of her flimsy knickers and lowered them to the floor, she took them off and waved them under his nose and touched his lips with them.
She danced over to the dining table and lent over it.
Linda stood and took his cock in her hand and led him to the Garden of Eden over the table.
She touched his cock against the puckered opening of Zoë’s bottom, Zoë jumped a little and looked back at Linda; Linda nodded her head giving reassurance. She lightly pushed and prodded her bottom then moved him down to her slit.
She pushed his cock to the lips and off, then in slightly and back out, tormenting them both.
Still holding the bottom of his shaft she inserted him to a moan from Zoë.
She pushed him in and out and then let him go in all the way.
She stood to the side and began to spank Zoë, gently at first then a little harder. She picked up her pink mule and gave her 10 swats with that. Zoë was all aver the place with ecstasy and would be moving around the table had she not been skewered by Pete’s cock.
Linda stopped spanking Zoë and knelt down under the table.
She went between Zoë’s legs and pushed Pete’s legs more open.
She then sucked on his balls, one in her mouth at a time then she licked them and moved higher to his shaft base and the entrance to Zoë’s slit. She worked them both a while then stopped.
She climbed up onto the table, astride Zoë’s back, and offered her slit to Pete.
He readily accepted and his tongue worked overtime.
Zoë arched her back and came with a load moaning noise followed together by Pete and Linda.
Linda kept her cunt pushed into Pete’s face with her hands behind his head, she made him carry on working her with his tongue which she guessed must be the same size as his cock, the distance he was making.
He put his hands gently onto her scared bottom and pushed his fingers into her bum crack, pulling her closer in, Linda again came over his face and he made sure he did not miss any.
Linda stepped back and climbed down off the table.
Pete’s cock had slackened and fallen from its nest.
Zoë stood up and sat on the edge of the table and Linda moved between her legs and pushed her tits for Zoë to fondle.
Zoë nipped her hard and she squeaked a little, then she took each one in turn in her mouth, biting, sucking, chewing, giving Linda thrill after thrill.
Linda held Zoë’s tits and bounced them in her hand, she also nipped and squeezed.
They both noticed the colour and length coming back into Pete’s cock as he rubbed it backwards and forwards, paying attention to the sensitive end, they both watched and learnt.
Linda stepped back allowing Zoë to get off the table. Zoë collected Pete by his cock as Linda gently sat on the table edge making her wince slightly.
She opened her legs thus opening her magnificent manicured slit. Zoë returned the favor by guiding Pete’s cock to her lip rim.
Gently teasing the pair she moved it in and out, Pete not wanting to miss an opportunity put his hands on one of each girl’s tit.
Both girls’ nipples were rock hard and standing aloft from their rosy ping home. He swapped tits and carried on kneading and nipping.
Zoë let his cock go and he fully entered Linda, and she left for her shower.
Linda easily accepted all Pete had and he moved his hand down to push another finger into her cunt.
He held her clit between two fingers and squeezed, she responded by pulling her slit muscles tight on his cock, he flicked it with his finger then brought his other hand down and opened the hood more giving better access to her ecstasy button, it worked she came with force she had not known before and he followed as if to order.
She gently lay back as he withdrew and went to take his turn in the shower.
Zoë returned to find her friend still lay in the same position with her legs still open, she slapped Linda’s slit a few times playfully.
Come on my dear, its all over now, your turn for the shower. Linda got herself up and looked in the lounge mirror at her abused bottom, how fantastic she thought.
Zoë picked up Linda’s clothes and placed them over the dining chair back.
Linda’s cash card and what looked like maybe £100 in notes fell from one of the pockets to the floor.
Linda called Zoë.
There it is, I thought I had been to the bank, she winked at Zoë as she left for her shower.

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