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Starting a Boat Washing Business in 2008 By Lance Winslow

Since many folks use home equity loans to buy their larger boats and yachts, the boating and marine industry has been severely hurt. You can blame whoever you want for this but suffice it to say that the subprime lending did a number on the industry. That came at a horrible time too, especially with higher fuel costs. Many of the yachts you see have huge motors that drink up a lot of fuel.
It is for this reason that many smaller boat owners are feeling the pinch of the high fuel and may be cutting back on non-essential boat expenses. That means they are less likely to partake in expensive boat clean and detailing services. Thus, it may not be a good time to go out and start a new business cleaning boats at the local marina. But if you decide to go for it anyway may I make a quick suggestion:
Keep your prices low and go for volume, build your business up by working hard and working smart and in 3 years things will turn around and you will have a solid business with a massive clientèle base. Now then, there are two ways to run such a business;
One way is to set your equipment up on a pontoon boat and clean from the water. The other way to set up your business is to clean from the dock, with permission from the various yacht clubs, marinas and harbor based businesses. Either way you must remember that there are folks already in this business who will use their associates, friends and business acquaintances to make your life tough as youe in to attain market share, so just know that upfront.
"Lance Winslow" - Online bloggingcontent Blog Content Service. If you have innovative thoughts and unique perspectives, e think with Lance; WorldThinkTank WorldThinkTank
Lance_Winslow Lance_Winslow
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