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Straight To Bed With My Dad

Straight to Bed with my Dad

By - Sep 26, 2008 - From incest_taboo. Incest and Taboo - Views - 162310 "Hi dad!" I yelled as i walked in the house, I had been staying at my boyfriends house for the holidays befor he went back to uni.
"Hi sweetie, How were the holidays?" he replied
"Not to bad ta, infact great!"
I was 18, Long black hair down to my bum, Blue eyes and a pale complection, im 5.4 in hight, big 32D chest and a nice tight round ass, Very sexy i must say.
I love looking at myself in my bedroom mirror, I have been caught by my dad many times.
My mum left dad and I when i was 4 so dad and I are very close. We never feel embarrased around each other so we ofter walk round naked.
I dropped my bags and headed for the back door. As per usual my dad was out back in the swimming pool (naked obviousley) on a lilo.
"How is my not so little girl then?" he asked cheekily.
"Normal thanks dad, " I Replied with a grin. In a split second i had dropped my skirt, splipped out of my thong, un-done my shirt, and dropped my bra. I dive bombed into the pool sending the water flying and getting my dad soaked.I climbed onto the lilo to join my dad and sat on his lap. I must say, i have changed a bit since the beggining of the holidays, my tits have grown and i have shaven my mound, I think my dad liked this cause as soon as I sat on him I could feel his cock press up against my now soaking wet ass.
This made me feel very horny so i started fingering myself without a care in the world. This just made my dad grow even more. I started playing my my tits, Wiggling onto my dads dick making it gently slide into my tight cunt.
With this my dad pushed my off the lilo and jumped in after me, he swam to the side of the pool as said to me "Darlin, this is wrong, im going in" and went into the house.
I Followed him and said " daddy you know we both want it"
He just grunted and went up stairs, i followed him into his room and he lay down on his bed, still fully erect. I lay down next to him but rolled onto him and pinned him down " i want this and so so you, so dont fight it!"
He then went with me, he allowed me to kiss the head of his cock, it oosed with pre-cum, he moaned with pleasure.
"Its been years since I last had a blowjob, give it to me good" He ordered.
I soon was deep throuting him and licking and sucking his balls, I was giving him all i had, within 5 mins he was cumming all over my now dry tits, but he still didnt soften so i mounted him and road his cock.
"Ahh yes daddy, daddy fuck me!! FUCK ME!! AHH IM CUUUMING!!!" i screamed with pleasure.
"Oh Baby, this feels so good!!! Fuck Me Harder" he shouted.
We came together and i rolled off him, he licked my pussy clean as we sighed, I looked at the clock and gasped, it was 12:30 am, we had been fucking for hours by the time we were finnished, he crawled under his duvet and i joined him.
Im now 22 and am still living with my dad, my boyfriend had cheated on me the whole time he was at uni, i was fuming, i dumped him as soon as he told me. I have been sleeping in the same bed as my dad since that amazing night and we often share intercourse.
I have learnt alot about sex from my dad, even though he is now about 52 he still gives very hot fuck fests. Latly my dad has been diagnosed with lung cancer and is giving me all he has got until he has to be in the hospital in intensive care, i will miss my dad very much, but life goes on and there are plenty more cocks in the coop!

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