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Summer Love 2

Summer of Love - The Summer of 1967 - Part 2

By William Arthur - Nov 8, 2009 - From story-series. Sex Story Series - Views - 7583 We were feeling little pain and still wanting of something a little different before calling it a night. Although they had wanted us to ride with them, we decided to follow them to the hotel. She was so damn horny that she stroked on my shaft as we drove what seemed to be about two miles away. When we got out of the car my dick was still rock hard, not having gotten off. I am the bulge in my pants was noticed as was the near nakedness of her body when we walked into the well lit room. I noticed two king size beds and a rather well equipped bar.
Soon strong drinks were poured and the lights were dimmed. One of the guys began talking to me as he kicked off his shoes and removed his shirt. It appeared these two had a game plan, one would distract me while the other would get all over my teenage bride. This was fine with us, as we had decided we were up to about anything and she was looking for a great deal of strange cock and I was looking forward to watching her with it!
The first guy whose name was Bob, had poured first poured the drinks and then began making suggestions to her, whispering in her ear and then feeling up her lovely, but very drunk body. He had his hands all over her and had already removed her top, exposing her extremely full titties for all of us to see. She surprised him by unzipping his pants and feeling up his cock in his pants. The guy who was trying to keep me occupied, had stripped down to his boxers and already had a hard on.
With Bob feeling up my wife, and his friend Tom, feeling up himself, I poured myself another drink and offered a shot to my wife. When I handed it to her, I noticed that she had his cock out of his pants and was stroking it. Seeing Bob was occupied, I poured a strong drink for his friend Tom and after handing it to him, removed my clothes.
He took a moment from playing with himself, to swallow the drink and then sit down on the end of one of the beds.
Bob had Karen totally naked and was com completely mulling her body. He squeezed her ass and work her pussy hard with his fingers. They were next to the bar and he had her on her knees, slowly taking his cock into her mouth. She must have not been going fast enough to suit him, as he pushed her against the bar and began to ram his prick in and out of her mouth with her head against the bar.
As Bob was fucking her silly, I noticed how engorged Tom’s cock was. I was so damn drunk, I reached over and began stroking it as I told him how great a lay she was.
We heard a thump and looked over to see Bob practically throw Karen onto the bed. She was on her stomach and he was taking her from behind. He told his friend that it was going to be his turn in a few minutes and that he thought they should take turns fucking her, for as long as they could. Tom spoke up and said that if they kept doing her that hard, she would pass out. Bob said that he did not care, that they would go as long as their cocks could stay up.
Bob asked me to get him off, so it would take longer to cum when he had his chance. When Bob was cuming all over by wife’s titties, Tom shot his load all over my hand and chest.
I walked over to where my wifey slut was laying and before Tom mounted her, told them that there was something they were missing. I leaned down and began to lick her cum covered breasts and to suck and squeeze them. Soon, her milk began to flow. I knew that they had com completely filled up and that her titties being squeezed and sucked, would be less painful to her than them being so full. Soon, both guys were sucking on these beautiful mounds. Then Tom took his turn and Bob and I started to do some more serious drinking.. With the action going on on the bed, neither of our cocks came close to getting soft!
Karen was getting her wish, she was on her second strange cock of the night and knowing how much she enjoyed sex, I knew she could wear both of them out. Tom had taken her pussy by her being on her back with her legs pinned in the air. He had fucked her big titties and shot some cum on her chin and face, and he was still going at it.
Bob and I were playing with ourselves and drinking. Soon it was his turn again. Tom came over next to me at the bar, his cum dripping from his stiff organ and poured himself a shot and downed it. I poured him another shot as he said he could sure use some more stroking on his dick as I had been doing before. I told him that I would, if he would return the favor, doing whatever I did. I told him that I loved her pussy juices and bet that his cock was covered with them.. I swallowed a double shot of vodka and then - - - Part three to follow...

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