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Bob's Forex Classroom Explained in person

Do you remember when you were probably five or six years old and learning to ride your bicycle without
training wheels for the first time?
I can remember being so excited to get those training wheels off and be able to tear around the block
like the big kids. But part of me was probably a little bit scared, after all we have all seen some
pretty major wipe outs.
In the end though for most of us Mom and Dad help us learn to ride the bike. They guide us as we take
off for the first time, and cheer lead us as we take off for the first time. It\'\'s our first small step towards
freedom really - and it\\\\\\\'s made a lot easier because you have help from Mom and Dad.
In a way you could almost say you have some bike riding mentors and cheer leaders.
Well, trading used to be the same way. When I was in Vegas last week for the Traders Expo I
got to talking to Bob Iaccino about how he came up. Bob\'s been on the floor at the Chicago Mercantile
Exchange since 1992 and is a frequent quest on CNBC and other financial programs due to his success.
Well Bob told me that back then, before the advent of our Electronic Marketplace most people
becoming traders had easy access to very successful mentors. You usually started off as a clerk on
the floor, bringing in orders to the big brokers and traders, and if you had some hustle about you, usually
one of the successful traders would take an interest in you and start to show you the ropes.
Eventually you\'d get into the pits yourself and trade 1 and 2 lots with an old pro showing you the ropes.
It really sounds like it was a great way to learn -and the overall rate of success was much higher then we
see now. It\'s easy to see why, who wouldn\'t want to learn from someone who had a proven track
record of making money in the markets week after week for a decade or more?
But things change, and now that trading apprentice type on the job training has, for the most part
been lost. Sure there is a ton of information on the web, a lot of people want to take your money
to teach you how to trade, but how in the heck are you supposed to know who\'s worth listening
too? For the most part you just can\'t tell, it\'s maddening!
Well, this Tuesday your going to have a chance to sit at the knee of an old pro because Bob
Iaccino has decided it\'s time for him to give back and pass on the knowledge that has been
shared with him.
Check out hisplimentary \"Over View Webinar ...
==> bobsforexclassroom bobswebinar l?a_aid=528d9a5b bobsforexclassroom bobswebinar l?a_aid=528d9a5b
Bob\'s been on the floor and making money from the market\'s since 1992. He\'s frequently a
guest on CNBC, Fox News and is quoted by the major financial media all the time. Most important
for you, he\'s a great teacher who loves to pass on his knowledge of the markets. In fact, here
is what a few of his students have said about learning from Bob.
Bob I was one of those guys that spent way too much on courses that did nothing buy confuse me,
because of your course I really feel confident that I can look at charts and find profitable trades. Do
you know how great of a feeling that is? Thanks so much for caring!!
- Lance Malace
Not only are you informative, but you are just a great guy! Anytime I have a question I know you will
answer it and not make me feel stupid for asking it. I have learned a tremendous amount from you
and I really feel like I made a new friend at the same time. BTW...I always watch your interviews on CNBC,
I enjoy the humor your throw in :)
- Nancy Ransert Frankly I can\'t wait for Bob\'\'s webinar, and I\'m going to try to get one of the seats for myself. Bob\\\\\\\'s
going to be passing on some of the most important money management rules he\'s learned after 16
years as a professional. These are the secrets that keep you in the game, and allow you to leverage
your success for massive profits while never having to worry about losing too much money.
Bob\'\'s also going to teach you how you can make trading fit your lifestyle. You see, some people want
to trade full time, all day every day from 9 to 5, while others either don\'t want to do that or they cant.
If your trading E Minis or Stocks, you pretty much have no choice about when your going to trade,
but if your a Forex Trader, the market never sleeps and you can work and trade when you want.
The trick is learning how to isolate your time frames. You see, too many traders have to adjust their
lifestyles around the markets. Bob\'s going to teach you how to make the market fit your lifestyle so
you can do the things you want.
==> bobsforexclassroom bobswebinar l?a_aid=528d9a5b bobsforexclassroom bobswebinar l?a_aid=528d9a5b
I have to warn you that seats are going to go fast. It is not very often that a recognized expert
like Bob so willingly shares nearly twenty years worth of knowledge with traders like us. So, if you
want to have the opportunity to learn from a proven pro , then you won\'t want to miss this webinar.
Rob Trader - Forex Expert

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