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Keep it in the family

By Deepprobsix - Nov 15, 2006 - From story- series. Sex Story Series - Views - 29309 Hi my name is Paul and I am 50 , I go to help my In-Laws with there garden as they are both in the 70's and find it hard to cope.
Back in July I was helping out when my Father in law Sid said he was off into town and would be gone for about 2 to 3 hours so if I was gone by the time he got back he would see me soon.
About 10 minutes after Sid had gone my mother in law Pat called to see if I wanted a drink I said yes please and when Pat called in I went into the Kitchen and sat there having a nice cool drink when Pat said was there something she could ask me and I must never tell anyone that we had spoke about it, I said yes and promised what ever she wanted to ask would never go any further.
Seeing how nervous she was about asking me I took hold of her hand to make her feel more at ease she looked at me and said did I get much sex from June her daughter this took me back and I must have looked totally shocked as Pat said sorry I should not have ask please forgive me .
Still holding her hand I said no don’t worry I was just not expecting a question like that from her mother that’s all but I would answer it and I said that in fact we had not had sex for about six months we are more like brother and sister than Husband and wife I went on , why do you ask I went on.
Well said Pat I know I am in my 70's be still feel like I would like sex now again but as you know Sid can not have sex due to his problems so , No I should not ask she went on, No you have started so please ask me what you wanted and with a big breath she said would I like to make love to her I nearly fell of my chair once I had got myself together I said that would be my dream come true as I had always wanted to make love to someone of her age.
She said god I thought you would run a mile and was so afraid that you would tell June what I had said. So without saying another word I took hold of her hand and got up and led her to the spare bed room , What are you doing she asked well you said you wanted me and I really want you so as Sid is going to be in town for the next hour or more there is no time like now is there unless you were just testing me to see if I would cheat of June.
No she said I want you I just did not think it would be today, Once in the room I pulled her close and kissed her I tried to push my tongue into her mouth but she would not let me I pulled away to ask what the mater was and she said she had only ever kissed with her mouth and never had someone push there tongue into her mouth,
I said look Pat if you want me to make love to you then it's going to have to be my way I would do nothing to hurt you and if you do not like what I ask you to do once you have tried it then I will never ask you to do it again but all I ask is that you try it before saying no.
She said ok and I pulled her to me again and this time she opened her mouth and let me enter my tongue and after a while she did the same we just stood there kissing I lowered one hand onto her breast and was surprised to find how hard her nipples were even though her bra and top they felt rock hard and stood out a good 1/4 to half a inch I could not wait to get my lips round them.
I slowly undone her top and pulled it off I could feel her shaking I turned her round so her back was facing me and I lent forward and Kissed her neck while undoing her bra I let it fall to the floor still with her back towards me I but my arms around her and Cupped her tits in my hands her hard Nipples felt great in my hands and I tweaked them between my fingers making her shudder I was still kissing her neck and ears , After a while I slid my hands down and undone her skirt this fell to the floor joining the bra and top .
She whispered that Sid had never played with her tits like this so I said into her ear just you wait until I kiss them in a minute she said she could not wait.
I pushed my hands into each side on her pants and started to push them down until they also slid down and I felt her kick them away I brought my hands round one up to her right tit and took hold of her nipple again and my left hand slowly headed down to her now uncovered pussy.
When my hand got there I could not believe that someone in there 70's could have so much pussy hair it felt like a forest and I slid my finger into it and could feel her slit moist and warm as I ran my finger over the top of her slit she pushed her self back so her bare bum was rubbing my now hard cock.
I pulled back and turned her around even though I had been holding her tits in my hand I was taken aback how pert and soft they looked and I told her they wee better than her daughters tits and with out another word I dropped to my knees and took one of the very hard nipples into my mouth and sucked it into my mouth and flicked the top of the nipple with my tongue it seamed to get even harder as I did this I was holding the other tit in my hand and twisting her nipple Pat was now saying that she was having feelings that she had never had before and she was shaking all over.
I slowly rubbed the inside of her leg with my free hand and eased them apart so I could run my finger over her now very moist cunt and I could feel her juices starting to run out of her so I increased the pressure and my finger went into her slit and found her clit which she just as hard as her Nipples I started to play with her clit and rub it with my thumb while still running my finger up and down her slit .
I let go of the tit and moved my hand down to her cunt and slowly entered a finger into her cunt she was now moaning very loudly and bobbing up and down on my finger so I pushed in another one god this felt wonderful my hand was now dropping with her slimey cunt juise she then she between her moaning and Sharpe intakes of breath that she was having very funny feeling inside and was this normal I said yes it sound like you will be coming very soon .
She replied I have heard about that but I have never had one I was gob smacked that this 70 year old lady had never cum in all those years , Well I said this is going to be your first of many if I have anything to do with it and I said please don’t worry as I said I would never do anything to hurt you so just enjoy it let the feelings come and run though your body, With this she started to hump my fingers harder forcing them up inside her as far as they would go them with a scream like I had never heard before she forced herself down on my fingers keeping them there as her very forest orgasm ripped though her I thought she was going to faint.
After a while she opened her eyes and looked at my and this time she pulled me up and then kissed mm forcing her tongue into my mouth and pulling me very tight to her .
We still had about half a hour left so I said I was now going to fuck her and she said it what we had done was anything to go by she could not wait.
I told her to undress me and she moved over to me and took of my tee shirt she said that she had never undressed a man before as they had always been in bed when they made love and it was just wham bam thank you mam. she was just going to say something when I put my finger on her lips and said just enjoy I told her to lean forward and take one of my nipples into her mouth and play with it just like I had done hers she did what she was told and as I felt her lips fold round my nipple and suck and bite I let out a long slow moan and she stopped and said sorry I did not mean to hurt you.
With out saying a thing I just put my hand on the back of her head and pushed her mouth back onto my nipple she then knew she was not hurting me and carried on with her sucking and biting changing over to the other nipple from time to time.
I told her to undo my jeans while she still sucked on my nipples which she did without question and my jeans fell to the floor and I told her to but a hand into my pants and take hold of my cock , She slowly eased her hand in and when she felt my rock hard cock she jumped back said what the hell size is that thing you got there I said take down my pants and have a look this she did and said that it was only the third cock she had only ever seen and the second she had ever touched and both the others were no where near as big as this and she would never get it inside her, I said if the juiced she was getting rid of a minute ago then she would have no problem .
By the way my cock is 9 inches long and 4 inches round.
So now we were both naked and I pulled her to me and lifter her up and laid her down no the bed as time was running short now and we did not want to get caught we both said that we would just fuck and carry on exploring our bodies another time .
So I wanted to make sure that this sexy 70 year old was wet enough to take me so I raised her legs up and pushed two fingers inside her I still could not get over how much hair she had and I told her this and said that her daughter had hardly any hair and I loved a hairy cunt and that I would love licking that out for her next time and a strange look came over her face I said don’t tell me you have never had oral sex , No she said I have heard of it but never new what it meant , Well I said that I will have to teach you some time , She nodded as another wave of pleasure ran though her,
I could feel her getting wetter and wetter and I removed my fingers and moved up so my cock head was just touching her slit and I felt her body tense up so I kissed her and told her to relax with the amount of juice she was getting rid of it would slid in with out any bother.
I rubbed the head of my cock up and down her slit and over her clit and the moment I felt her relax I pushed forward just enough for the head to enter and it slid in so easy , Pat screamed but not in pain but pure pleasure and I eased it in until the whole nine inches was firmly imbedded into her and my balls where banking her bum.
I started to ease it out and force it back into her I quickened the pace and she was screaming so loud it was a wonder next door could not hear her . we just went at it like hell for leather and she cam twice more and on the second time I rammed into her so My cock was as far into her as I could get it and filled her cunt up with my hot cum. we kissed and just relaxed for a while and she said that she had never felt anything like it and was clad she had even though it had taken 70 years. And if I was up for it I was going to help her make up for all the time she had lost just lying there and taking it with out the pleasure.
I said try and stop me as I told you I have dreamt of fucking a older woman now we can both for filed our dreams when ever we feel like it.

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