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Successful Seminar

Successful Seminar

By Hampton Forbes - Feb 27, 2010 - From group-sex- stories. Group sex stories - Views - 38733 After finishing up a three day technology seminar where I was stuck for two hours listening to a presenter explain why Blue-tooth was not an advantage for communication, all I wanted to do was go back to my hotel room and relax. Entering my room, I decided that I would just take a hot shower, get some room service, and masturbate myself to sleep watching any adult film available from the hotel movie library. I first hopped in the shower before calling for room service and was able to get myself into a somewhat relaxed state and actually began to feel a bit more rejuvenated. Exiting the shower and putting a towel around me, I called down to have some food brought up to me. The hotel attendant that answered the phone told me that they were short handed and that room service had stopped early for the night. I would have to get dressed and come down to the restaurant. Being really annoyed with this change in my plans, I put some casual clothes on and headed down to the restaurant.
Not too many people were there so getting a good table wasn’t a problem at all. I place my order with the waitress and sipped on the wine that I had requested. With nothing to do but look around the room, I noticed three females walk into the restaurant. I remembered seeing them from the seminar. There was Lacey Starr, a Black female who gave a presentation on performance indicators. Giving a presentation on Statistical Process Control was Devon Patrick, a white female. Lastly, there was Loni Rai was Asian whom I didn’t see give any presentations. They were all from the same company and obviously were friends by the way they laughed with one another. I hadn’t realized that I was staring at them until the waiter brought my food over. After leaving my table the waiter headed over to their table to take their order. While eating my food I continued to look in their direction. A few moments later though the waiter headed back to my table and told me that the ladies wanted to know if they could share a table with me. I agreed since it should be any harm meeting some fellow members of the technology community. I just hoped they didn’t want me to talk more about my presentation. The waiter proceeded with setting up my table for the three ladies and they all took a seat. We formally introduced ourselves and discussed the past three days. Rather than continuing eating my food, I waited until their orders came out. We continued on with the small talk about the industry, our companies, etc. The subject then changed to what do we do for fun outside of work. We talk about hobbies and how we rarely get to have a lot of fun. I got to find out none of them were married like me.
Their food eventually arrived and we all begin to eat. Devon started to change to subject asking me did I ever do anything fun on these trips. I asked her what she meant in terms of fun. Usually for me, it is a routine of work, sleep, and travel. She rephrased the question to say if I ever made some new friends that I would end up having sex with. Of course the question totally caught me off guard and I almost choked. Loni began patting me on the back while I took a few sips of water. When I looked up, I saw that Lacey was smiling at me awaiting my response to the question. Devon certainly wasn’t going to let me go without answering it so she asked me again. I smiled and told her no, that I never have been down that path. I turned the question back on all three of them and asked them if they had. Without hesitation they all said yes. They believed it was great to meet someone, not have to worry about any strings, and have some fun while relaxing and being able to let yourself go. I had a look of “wow” on my face after hearing that. And before I could gather myself Loni spoke up and said that they do this together as a team. Of course my dick began to rise hearing this, but I wanted to act cool about it and stated that it was interesting. Lacey looked me deep in my eyes and asked me just how interesting was it to me. I could feel the eyes of the other women looking at me waiting to hear my response to Lacey. Taking a sip of wine before I answered and playing it cool, I told them that it was something that I was interested in trying. At that moment, I felt two hands rubbing my crotch, one from Loni on my left and Devon from the right. I then felt Lacey’s leg rub up against mine while this was going on. I couldn’t help but smile and be in anticipation of what was to come after dinner was over. The ladies who obviously had done this on multiple occasions, went back to enjoying their meal with their eyes on me. Devon began talking about her regular trips to Greece and how much fun she had on her visits there. Loni and Lacey joined in the conversation and it was as if we had not talked about a possible foursome later this evening. After admittedly an engaging conversation about the culture of Greece, we called the waiter over to take our plates and bring over the bills. We paid and headed to the elevator and I am thinking to myself that the fun would start when we are in the elevator and have some privacy. However, they continued to talk about random stuff being sure to include me and look for my opinions on the subject of the moment. Once in the elevator, they pressed the button for their floor and asked me for mine. Of course, this had me totally confused but I played along thinking they would surprise me and just get off on my floor. However, once their floor came up they got off and said it was great meeting me and headed off to their rooms. I was absolutely lost by this and became frustrated because I was horny. I caught Lacey glancing at my crotch noticing the bugle in my pants. I really had believed that they wanted to just toy with me on the ride up but it seems like they just wanted to have some interesting dinner conversation.
As I entered into my room, I figured I would just resume with my original plans on renting an adult movie and making myself cum hard so that I could fall into a deep sleep until the morning. As I sat on the bed to look at the movie titles the phone rang to my room, I thought it has to be them how cruel but how relieving. When I answered the phone, it was the front desk clerk asking if I had requested a wake up call. Disgruntled I told them no and hung up the phone. I sat back on the bed to go through the rest of the titles. The next thing there is a knock at my door and I am thinking now what. When I opened it, Lacey, Devon and Loni stood there with plush white bathrobes on and big smiles on their faces.
With my dick still hard despite being frustrated, the ladies invited themselves into my room while each rubbing my crotch as if it was good luck. They all sat on the bed and noticed the adult menu guide I had on the TV screen. Lacey asked me if I had decided on which movie I was going to watch. Being startled of course, I closed the door and told them no I had not finished going through the list. Devon asked if they could watch one with me. It seemed that not only were they going to tease me again but they were going to stop me for having an orgasm tonight. But I consented and said sure. We scrolled through the list and agreed on a threesome group sex movie. I had to use the bathroom and told them to go ahead and order the movie while I excused myself. I could hear them giggle while I left to go the bathroom; I guess my frustration was showing. I really needed a release and didn’t mind being teased but only when in the mood for it. As I washed my hands, I heard the movie start and it seemed like a movie that didn’t have a story along with it; the action started immediately. I opened up the door to head back to the bed but the girls had a wonderful surprise for me as I turned the corner.
The girls were all out of their robes and com completely naked on my bed in various positions. Loni was on the end closest to me; she was on her knees with her mouth open showing me her tongue ring. Lacey was next and she was on her back with her legs spread eagle showing a wet pussy that looked like a blossomed flower. Devon was on the other end and she was also on her knees but she had her ass up in the air facing me showing me a nice tight hole. Needless to say my dick grew and became immediately hard. With only the noise of the threesome orgy in the background, I immediately got out of my clothes without asking any questions. Loni told me that they wanted me taking turns putting my dick in the three holes presented to them starting with her. Totally floored by this turn of events, I didn’t hesitate and went over to Loni as instructed.
Loni’s tongue was soft and I could feel the tongue ring add additional stimulation to the tip of my cock. She began sucking it slowing, enjoying the head of my dick just as much as I was enjoying watching her lips make it disappear in her mouth. It was as if this was her first and last cock the way that she admired my dick, made love to my dick, and savored my dick. She stared intently into my eyes while she began to take more of my dick in her mouth. Having my dick in her mouth was like being inside a nice wet pussy. She had great suction along my shaft even as she increased the pace of her head bobbing up and down on my cock. Her hair began to gently brush against my balls now that she has a rhythm going. While she fed herself with my dick, I noticed that Loni was finger fucking herself with her wet pussy and was having mini orgasms just prior to taking all of me in her mouth. To my amazement, she someone how got all of my cock in her mouth while being able to stick her tongue out to lick my balls. As she brought me out of her mouth she suck so hard that I swear that she was going to pull all of the cum out of me. I buckled at the knees when she got to the head where she applied the most pressure and the greatest sensation. After having me out of my mouth she looked at me and asked if I enjoyed. I could help but to say yes. She then told me she wanted to know how she compared to Lacey’s wet pussy.
Loni took my dick in her hand, guiding it over to an eager Lacey who seemed to have gotten wetter since the last time I saw her. Her pussy was soaking wet and you could see the wetness on her thighs and ass cheeks. Taking the tip of my dick, Loni rubbed it against Lacey’s clit as a tease to both me and Lacey. Lacey loved it as she moaned from having my dick rub around her clit. I could tell this was going to be fun if she was this sensitive. What I didn’t expect was how receptive her pussy was of my dick. As Loni guided it in, my dick was quickly engulfed in Lacey’s juices and I felt the tight, warm grip of her pussy on me. It felt so good, that I just had to enjoy it for a moment while Loni was rubbing my balls from behind. Devon is to the right showing me her hole awaiting my dick to be put inside. But first, I had to enjoy this pussy that was in control of my dick. Lacey started rotating her hips on my cock because she was eager to feel me against her walls and G-Spot. I begin moving slowing in and out of her enjoying every stroke that only brought me closer to wanting to come inside. I knew however if I did that I would make all of these girls disappointed. As Lacey rubbed on her nipples, I quickened my pace knowing how much she was enjoying me inside of her. I drove my cock in as deep as I could, enjoying the intense moan that came from Lacey. It was only a matter of time for her to cum but I wanted to make it interesting for her. I begin playing in her pussy with my dick by stroking hard and fast and then stopping and stroking it slow and deep. She recognized me teasing her and loved it responding with a few moves on her own. Loni must have been able to tell that I wanted to cum because she squeezed my balls not allowing me and continued guiding my dick into Lacey wanting me to get Lacey to orgasm. After a few more strokes and it happened, Lacey squirted all of over my dick while I was inside of her. When I pull out of her, not only was my dick wet but she had it covered in her creamy cum.
Not letting any of that wetness go to waste, Loni pulled my dick over to Devon who had been patiently waiting for me to fuck her in the ass. I was only happy to oblige because I was looking forward to seeing just how tight her ass was as well as being able to let go of this huge load. Lacey’s cum was the perfect lubricant for letting me slide into Devon’s ass. Devon wanting to make sure that I was in real deep and backed into me to get all of my cock inside her. She then actually begin fucking me hungry for my dick to pound her hard. She didn’t want any of the slow strokes but begged for me to be rough with her ass. As I continued to fuck her as hard as I could, Lacey fingered Devon’s pussy with three of her fingers just as rough and at the same pace as I was fucking her ass. Devon wanted to make sure I could how much of a gape I was making of her ass and ensured her ass was spread open for me. From underneath, Loni was switching between licking my balls and sucking on Devon’s clit. It was obvious that each girl had a special talent that they were not shy about. I kept right on pounding as Devon let out a low scream that she was cumming. Her ass got tighter around my dick and by that time I saw that Lacey had four fingers inside of Devon’s pussy. I wanted to blow my load right there all over Devon’s ass and let it drip down into the hands of Lacey and the mouth of Loni. My dick was throbbing and I wanted to cum but again I felt Loni pinch my balls to keep me from doing so. Devon had her orgasm making her produce the sweetest sound as she shivered on my dick, Lacey had pulled her fingers out of Devon and began sucking them, and Loni just had me feeling so good from her tongue on my balls. I pulled out of Devon and asked the girls how they wanted me to cum.
While I stood there with my erect and throbbing dick, each girl got up and put back on their bathrobes. I looked in amazement while eager to release this load. They told me that I couldn’t and my face had the expression of what the fuck written on it. The each came over and groped my dick while giving me a hug and kiss while I was just in amazement. They all headed to the door and I asked “what about me”. They just smiled and exit, but before the door closed Loni looked back and said, “wait for the call”.
Fifteen minutes had passed and I lay on the bed buck naked and still hard as rock when the phone finally rang. It was Lacey, ask me if I was still hard. I told her fuck yeah; I mean what did she expect? She told the other girls and I could hear them giggling in the background. Devon had grabbed the phone then and told me that my mission if I chose to accept it was to put on only the hotel bathrobe and make my way to room 208. If I showed up hard, then I would get to cum. Obviously loving to tease and drive men crazy, the challenge was for me to avoid being spotted by the other guest in the hotel who were still up. I didn’t care about anyone else at that point and was only focused on my orgasm. I made it to their room amazing without causing too many stares except by this older woman whom I would have fucked just to release. Devon opened the door and checked my dick before letting me in the room. I passed her test with no problem and was guided to a chair that sat on the bed. Lacey and Loni were on the bed with Lacey eating Loni’s pussy. Devon went to the bed to join them offering Loni her pussy to eat while she grabbed Lacey’s thighs and started eating her pussy. Not only did they make me wait 15 minutes after they left my hotel, now they are making me watch them pleasure each other and not participate. Needless to say, at this point my dick was in pain as it was rock hard and I had yet to cum. They continued feasting each other occasionally looking up to ensure I was still watching. After another five minutes, all three girls came at the same time. While it was something to be enjoyed it was really hard to focus when I could not also be one of the people in the room to cum.
Getting up, they were smiling and kissing each other out of satisfaction. They looked my way and Loni asked if I wanted to cum. I didn’t respond and just game them a look. Loni got off the bed and grabbed me from the chair and disrobed me. She brought me over to the bed by tugging on my dick and then had me sit between Lacey and Devon. They had me lay on my back while they crawled between my legs. I suspected that they had a strategy for how they were going to give me an orgasm and I was certainly going to enjoy it.
Devon started first by focusing only on the head of my tip which by that time was so swollen that it barely fit in her mouth. Nonetheless she figured out how to make it bigger before handing it over to Lacey. Lacey focused on the shaft and I don’t know what she did but her skills had some of the cum come out of the tip of my dick. She did her best to make my dick as wet as possible before handing my cock over to Loni. Loni immediately took all of me in her mouth. The other girls massaged my balls and rubbed my chest. Loni worked her magic on my dick and had me cum like I never had before. I think I kept cumming for a full minute but Loni kept me in her mouth and took all of my cum. When I was done, as she released me she suck my dick to ensure not a drop came out. She then shared my juice with the other girls as I watched. I could not have been happier to finally orgasm and not be in so much pain from wanting a release.
After they finished swapping my cum and eventually swallowing they asked me if I was glad they had me wait. I just gave them a laughing released look again not responding and trying to enjoy the moment. I was still rock hard and they noticed. They told me that by making me wait allowed for me to be able to pleasure them for the rest of the night. It had dawned on me their goals was to spend the rest of the night of having me pleasure them and them pleasuring me. Without going into much detail let’s just say it started off with Lacey climbing on top of me and putting her wet pussy on my dick and riding me.

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