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Tips on Adding a Video to a Website

Tips on Adding a Video to a Website

Many Americans are becoming amature filmmakers these days by putting their own video on the web. Youtube and other video upload sites have accepted personal video and even short films. Some of the content is even better that what we see on broadcast TV, (at least in my humble opinion). Webmasters are also becoming increasingly interested in adding video to their web pages in order to increase traffic and site performance. This trend will only be limited by future broadband availability and FCC regulations. Creating web video has not been a simple or standardized process and can be extremely time consuming. Several steps are involved: First, a subject has to be captured and saved with a digital camcorder - using any of the popular formats; (.avi, .mpg, .wmv) Second, since these standard file formats tend to be files with alot of information in the form of high video resolution - they must bepressed to a size suitable for uploading and viewing on the web. This is usually done with some sort of video filepression software. Next, thepressed file is formatted with HTML code. which usually adds user controls, (play, stop, fast forward, etc.). Finally, the finished web video is uploaded to a website using some form of FTP, (file transfer protocol), software. And Voila! instant web video. Well, not quite, as the above is only a basic description of the process and in actuality, it would help to have at least a master's degree inputer science to have much fine control of the process. Nevertheless, a lot of techies are putting their own videos up on the web, master's degree or not, with varying success. Fortunately, as you would guess, interest in web video has driven much technical innovation. The new Flash file format, for example, eliminates the need for clunky video players like Windows Media or Quicktime. Flash is fast becoming the industry standard for web video. As the people would have it, new breakthrough technology like V2F is automating the entire process and putting this technology in the hands of aspiring web filmmakers such as myself. V2F makes it easy to create web video while still allowing the user to have control over the process. To learn more about V2F 26874yEasyWebVideo
Web savvy fan of popular culture and all things internet. Interested in non-fiction books, western esotericism and independent living. To learn more about video on the web, V2F and Flash yarb3145.1236659.hop.clickbank ?tid=VART0001EasyWebVideo Did you know allsat ?kbid=16593DISH Network has free DVR and HD included in their

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