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Sex stories involving Lesbians - These stories are based on tales of lesbianism and lesbian sex acts. There are some great classic female to female relationship tales below. Many of these stories are true to life real occurrences that were submitted by lesbian authors.2435. The Night I Took You - a short story of me and a friend ;)"I step forward to you, and grab you from behind, covering your mouth so you cannot scream. I look at you in the mirror eyes wide in terror, whispering in your ear I tell you to stand up and move to your bed, I can hear you whimper behind my hand and I smile enjoying the knowledge that in a few short minutes you will be screaming in a mixture of pain and pleasure. As we reach the foot of your bed I place a ball gag into your mouth and fasten it onto you head and I tie your hands to the bed with you still standing, but, face down on the bed so that your perfect ass is in the air"...2431. Shemale and Female - A co-worker finds the main character attractive and decides to trick the horny girl into fucking. But the coworker has a surprise. "A couple minutes later she comes out in nothing but 8 inch heels. I noticed she had huge tits and a dick!!! She started walking over to me and pushed me on the bed. I was starting to get really hot. She then kissed me and started to undress me. I was loving this and decided to spread my legs. I then pulled off my shirt and bra. "MMmmmmmmm. Your boobs are so big!" She said to me. Then she was caressing my nipples. It felt so good. "Yes! Yes!" I moaned. She then got on her knees and put her cock in my face. I opened my mouth and sucked it hard."...2359. No Longer a Boring Day - Bored Bi girls fall in love and have fun! "Jess broke away from the kiss and wrestled Hay to be on the bottom, moans escaped her lips has her d cups were being suckled on, then her stomach and next thing she knew Jessica's tongue was going in and out of her pussy, up and down, little bites. Hayley arched her back, she could not handle it anymore! She screamed as she had the biggest orgasm ever but Jess couldn't help herself so she didn't stop there so she started fingering her until Hay's juices flowed as she was panting"...2319. A Causal Meeting while Grocery Shopping - Bonnie is one fantastic woman. She began rubbing my clit as our kittens were hard pressed against each other. I started lightly pinching hers. We both were gathering female moisture between us. Our cunts was saturated again as we hit the highest peek of orgasm.2305. My First Time - A young girl in college searching for someone to belong to leads her to a unlikely answer. "She was wearing a short white silk robe and had her hair in a bun, she was wearing white Mary Jane's with a 5 inch heel. She walked over to me and pulled her hair down. Now Angel, lets see what I have to work with. She started to undress me slowly exclaiming at the perfect size of my nipples how yummy my breast looked and then at how neat my pussy was shaved"...2222. Finding Love In Unexpected Places Pt. 1 - This is the story of how I met my Karla baby. It was two years ago, and I love her very much. This tale depicts my meeting her, my change in sexuality and the crazy sex that followed. It is all true. Karla moaned loudly as I stuck my finger back into her pussy. I swirled it around, moving it in and out slowly and sensuously. Her snatch was a cute pink color, and it looked so pretty, hairless and glistening.2184. This is the Day I'm Going to Jump her Bones - Yeah I woke up this morning with a stiff neck. “What did you do swallow viagra and it stopped right there” We both laughed.2126. My First Time - She shoved my face into her pussy, telling me to catch her sweetness with my mouth. As I get up my chin dripping from her juice, I am eager for her to touch me and please me. We share a kiss as she lays me on the couch and begin touching my tit’s. She licks my big tit’s and bites my nipples, I can barely contain myself. She start’s to work her way down kissing every inch of my body. Finally making it to my thigh’s...2112. Hot Night with the Neighbor - I came into her mouth and she smiled ad slid to the floor. she opend my legs and licked my pussy cleand then......
She smiled as she slid to the floor and started licking my pussy I moaned and was surprised at how great she was satisfying me! I could here the girls on the TV saying, "fuck me oh yeah that's how I like it...lick me U bitch", and I came all over katy's mouth. finger- pussy. Pussy Fingering at the High School Dance - Venessa is ready for a hot night, and gets it, at her girlfriend Jess's house when she holds a high school dance...My cunt throbbed and I felt myself cum as her hand continued to work the outside of my pussy...2027. Home Alone... What to do? - Its about two girls who are neighbors and they both get bored...She comes over and snuggles next to me and giggles. I can't believe it. "Lets make fun of the guys penis and the girls tits come on it'll be funny" she says. The movie is a lesbian flick, she's not going to see any dick. I then tell her that. "I want to watch it if your OK with it?" she asked. "OK that's cool" like I would say no...1993. Unadulterated Animal Lust - Lusting over someone for so long then finally feeling them slip between your thighs is like sucking on sugar cane when you have a sweet tooth.1992. A Bride and Cheat Story - My eyes went down to my secret drawer where I put all of my pleasure instruments for my partners to use with me. I picked up the rubber strap-on that I used on Julie. The double penetrating vibrator made me remember that Julie wept from pain when I inserted it deep inside both her pussy and asshole and started its motor.1987. Lindsay and Me - Lindsay and me have some fun! she arrived wearing a slightly see through maxi dress, her long blonde hair loose down to her waist, and her 19 year old body looking more gorgeous than ever. "Hi, gorgeous!" she whispered sexily in my ear, grabbing my ass sneakily. I smiled back and went to kiss her, but stopped dead in my tracks when my dad appeared around the doorway...2077. Alison and Sarah: Schoolgirls II - Alison continues her seduction of Sarah as both girls let go of their unbridled lust for another in another passion filled fuck-session. Alison took the dildo and felt the rubber as she rubbed her hand down the 8-inch shaft onto the base where balls had been molded onto. She put it to her mouth and began sucking on it, getting sloppy with it, making it as wet as she could for lubrication. “This will probably hurt at first, but you can do it, ” 1934. Alison and Sarah: Schoolgirls - Shy and nervous Sarah is seduced by the beautiful and smooth talking Alison into a night of lesbian passion. Sarah is shown both pleasure and pain as she seeks to fulfill things that she never dreamed of coming true.1891. 1 on 1 with a Teaching Pro - I felt pressure starting to building in my shaven clean pussy. Moving side to side. Damn what a feeling! I exploded and lost my insides to another climax. She was nearing her own orgasm as I increased my speed riding this rubber dick. Lynn sucked my cunt as she fingered me to a new height that my husband never could. I guess that is why I wanted her to be my first female. She took control by fingering my pussy and biting my clitoris.1755. Kidnapping Tiffanie - Tiffanie almost orgasmed her tummy flipped her pussy was pulsing, the bed moved and a mouth covered hers a long tongue slipped between Tiffanie’s lips into her mouth deep French kissing.1740. Club Games - I enter the bar and look around, there’s Elizabeth, she looks fantastic a mini dress with a full skirt the ultra violet light shows a white half cut bra curiously I could not see any signs of panties. I wore a sky blue tank top, short denim skirt, boots no underwear. I walked over ordered 2 Blue Knickers, then walk to Elizabeth and hand her a drink, she sucks the ‘Blue Knickers’ then she took my hand and sucked on my fingers one at time, my tummy flipped I love your tongue and warm wet mouth, the game had started.1738. Job Interview - Lauren we not idle she now had three fingers inside me, she was using short shallow thrusts, and randomly deeper than back to short ones, I wriggled my bum and she spanked it, hard stinging spanks, and my bum reddened. I was both fucker and fuckee between these sisters my own nectar was flowing I felt it running down my thighs.1739. Job Interview (cont) - Looking round the room Malcolm was between Lauren’s thighs eating her pussy, his cock flaccid, he had obviously cum and now it was Lauren’s turn, Mummy and Daddy were sitting fondling each other and watching Lauren and Malcolm, no doubt after watching me and Ronnie, Ronnie gave me a nudge and mouthed, ‘Go help Malcolm’.1680. The Window Ch 3 - Desiree was snapping away as I got to my knees and started working on the tire. She opened the back door next to the rear tire I was changing and sat in the car with her legs hanging out of the car. This woman not only has heavenly boobs to admire but the longest sexiest legs ever I thought.1664. The Window Ch.1 Revised - I found my underwear so saturated with my juices that when I turned it got caught between my throbbing lips.1663. The Window Chapter 2 - Up the stairs I went and into our room. The sweet smell of sex still lingered and brought flashbacks of what had transpired earlier. Finally I found and grabbed my pajamas and a pair of boxer shorts and went into the bathroom.1648. Jessica Good Samaritan - I licked her swollen pussy lips gently, as I watched her, her face beautiful, serene then she smiled at me, ‘I want your pussy, NOW’, she said. 1625. Firsttime With Irene - Apparently her girlfriend, had cheated on her with a guy she had just met, Irene caught them in the shower her girlfriend was giving him head. He spotted Irene and grinned as he pushed his cock deeper into her girlfriends mouth. Irene ran out of the flat and eventually ended up in the library where she found and recognised Liz. When I heard her tale, I offered to go with her to confront the bitch, but she said she never wanted to see her ever again. 1622. More Than Friends - Hailey got up and walked over to her, lightly touching her shoulder. Leighton stared right into Hailey's eyes as Hailey slowly guided her hand lightly down her friends stomach and back up. She leaned into Leighton's ear and whispered, "I've been waiting for you. I want you so bad." Leighton backed away slightly and said, "I've never been with a girl before. I don't want to disapoint you. I've always wanted to see what it's like to be with another girl, but I don't want it to ruin our friendship." Hailey firmly, but kindly said, "Don't worry babe, it won't." She then walked over to Leighton, grabbed her firmly by the ass and pulled her in close for a light, passionate kiss and whispered, "How bout we get you outta these clothes, " with a grin on her face. 1608. Christinas Secret - Lynn and Kimmy pressed their bodies up against Christina’s sandwiching her as their hands guided all over her body. This touch just thrilled Christina as her arousal was building further; Lynn slipped her hands at the bottom of Christina’s tight red sweater and pulled it up over her full bosom enclosed by her black bra. 1596. Looking After Cousin Kerri - My Aunt Barbara had died five years ago and Uncle Alan did not consider it appropriate for him to look after his 16 year old, as he would need to toilet her and dress her, so he asked my mum if Kerri could stay with me until her casts came off.1584. Project Amanda - I saw her take a sharp intake of breath as my fingers slid into my panties and opening my legs I allowed Amanda to see my fingers working under my panties, I flung my head back and worked my fingers on my clit and inside my pussy, stabbing my finger in and out, till I suddenly became aware of hands on my thighs and pulling my panties down to expose my pussy and my fingers the panties hit the floor. 1559. The Window - She grabbed my cock with one hand while moving the harness over with her other hand so that she was able to stick her fingers inside me... 1416. Seducing My Lovers Wife - I hook my finger under the waistband of my tiny panties I slide them down bending allowing Shauna to stare at my pussy which by now was wet and puffy as I was really getting into this sexy woman, my pussy scent filling the room. In the mirror I saw Shauna squirming on the bed, and grabbed my chance, I called over my shoulder as I walked into the bathroom, ’Why don’t you join me’? 1414. Lingerie Loving Lesbians - That night she was wearing a pink short sleeved shirt and a black fitted mini skirt finishing just above the knee.1399. Next Door Neighbour - She had a closely trimmed pubes in a narrow strip about 1 X 4 inches stopping an inch back from her clitoral hood, her skin flawless except for a small birthmark in the shape of a C above her tummy button. Her breasts were perky with areole about the size of a £2.00 coin and rosy coloured nipples that were as hard as pebbles. As I watched I had absent minded slipped my hand inside my bikini bottoms and began massaging my clit.1340. Alices Marriage in Wonderland - Alice chases after a white rabbit to return him a glove, which is dropped by him in hurry. On her way to Wonderland she meets with the mannish queen of lesbians, Sapporo. The queen falls in love with Alice because of her beauty, innocence and womanly curves. They get engaged in hot lesbian sex until Sapporo proposes Alice for marriage.1327. Alecia and Ruthies First Time - Alecia and Ruthie share a night filled with love, passion, and most importantly: eating pussy. 1322. Lily Chronicles 1: Curiosity - Amy told Lily to spread out her legs as far as she could. Lily did just that and Amy took a toothbrush out of her bag. She started to gently brush Lily's vagina. 1276. A Train Ticket to Nowhere Changed my Life - Susie placed her hands on my small 34c’s breasts and kneading them with her tender touch. My areolas were shrinking and my hardened nipples were all the way out as she flicked my nipps with her fingers. Susie asked me if I wanted her to stop. I did, but not enough to stop her. She sensed something wasn’t right.1243. Sweet Innocents - She looked so innocent...sitting in the beanbag...long slender legs spread...knees raised...her skirt just above her thighs...her small firm breasts stretching the tight tee...her hard nipples clearly visable to me. 1232. Perfect Piercing - It was my 20th birthday and I decided to buy my own self a present. It was something that I had given lots of thought too and with the influence of my fuck buddy, Brian. I decided to do it. 1206. University of Curiousity - I was an incredibly curious young woman, I always wanted to have a good understanding about everything I encountered, especially people, and Alice Blyth was most definetly something to observed. 1170. Wine Tasting - Recently I got together with my friend, J... we hadnt seen each other in a long time. We went out to dinner and then back to her house. Her husband was out of town and we had the house to ourselves.
1155. Barnyard Buddies - She stopped bouncing, and then started thrusting her hips forward. Friction coming between her pussy and the leather saddle. She started rubbing her pussy in circular motions on the bumpy trail, the hard saddle hitting her pussy with every turn in the road, like a busy hand. 1135. Pool Time - I found myself backed against the stairs. She let go of me, and looked at me with her eyes, smudged with mascara, but only-slightly. I looked back, both of us half nude and staring at each other. I grabbed onto the bar, and she advanced on me. 1087. Night at the Gym - I’ve been a personal trainer for over two years and although I have been attracted to some of the most beautiful bodies you could imagine, I have never acted on any of my fantasies. I work mostly in a large gym and many of my clients are male. Not to brag, but I am in very good shape and I assume that I attract my male clientele partly because of my womanly charms.1086. The Night with Pat & Cat - I just have to tell someone what happened last night. My boyfriend, Jason, works out of town for long periods of time and when he’s gone, I have to look after my own needs. We have sex pretty much every day but when he’s gone I sometimes get tired of masturbating. 1060. My Sex Awakening at Lils all Girl Party - My story of how I discovered my sexual identity as a lesbian. Lil throws a pool party every year, and this was my first time going. Little did I know what actually went on there! 1027. My First Lesbian Experience - Several cowboys tried to pick me up. They had started talking their line to pick up the ladies. I knew it was BS because the guys I have been out with all use along these same lines. I had one objective, and that was to find this Hunk” in those pretty little tight blue jeans.1001. Misguided Nina and Deb - Part 1 - Nina a former stripper and porn star leaves Vegas to go back to college and becomes a guidance counselor. This is her story of lust and intrigue as a counselor in a school. 989. Hot Fun in the Summer Time - She dropped her head back and moaned. I moved to the other one and she shook. I slurped them loudly and then I moved toward her pussy. Her cunt was dripping with sweat and juices in the sunlight and tasted so good as I curled my tongue up her slit toward her clit.978. Lover From Russia - 18 year old Joey Stiller is bored and lonely, struggling to settle in at her new school and abandoned by her busy parents to look after their house alone. That all changes with the arrival of sexy, glamorous Russian exchange student Natalya Elkova who shows Joey everything she's been missing and everything she secretly desires. 973. Lesbian night - Clara is beginning to feel the moisture in her snatch building and she knows that she is not far from a beautiful thing. Bethany is beginning to feel the same way so she moves close and repositions her hand on Clara’s breast, using her middle fingertip to rub Clara’s nipple until they started to get hard and now she knew that Clara’s body was ready. 942. Fucking a Thai Masseuse - I didn't give up men during that year. I took three or four home with me, but my purchased sex with Noi gave me more satisfaction than most of the sex I have had with men.934. Her Best Friends Mom - ‘Let’s see your pussy, take those panties off, ’ Diana said after she’d had a good long suck of Angel’s succulent teats. Angel obeyed and slipped the wet knickers off. ‘Let me sniff them, ’ Diana said shockingly to the curvy naked girl in front of her. Angel handed them to her and Diana breathed in hard, her cute upturned nose embedded in the soaking fabric. 900. Valentines Gift - I started slowly running a large soft feather up and down her body, circling her nipples as I watched them stiffen and become erect. Then I moved it slowly down her flat stomach and over her soft shaven pussy on down each of her legs to her feet. I then replaced the feather with light strokes of of my fingers stopping to part her pussy lips ant circle her now hardening clit as my tongue licked circles around her nipples. 851. Girls Night Out - She bent over and started lapping at my clit. It was amazing. We were all using each other to get off. two-women. Two Women - On the way home we both took off our panties. We knew this moment would happen at some point. We got home and began to kiss, and touch. It was time, I wanted her bad.750. Lesbian Car Ride - She asked again if she could just touch them. I gave in. I had played with women before and I found it to be amazingly hot. She reached in my shirt and slid her hand under my bra and squeezed as I drove. She rubbed my nipple between her fingers and just kept rubbing my tit. Veronica_and_Melody. Veronica and Melody - Two new friends, a younger woman and a slightly older one, get together. The experienced lesbian shows the younger woman a good time - She massaged, slowly and then she felt Veronica's hard nipples under her clothes and gently fingered and pinched, feeling them grow even harder. 697. Kathys First Woman - Lesbian Sex Story - My mind raced ahead, I again became nervous, what if I found I wasn't really bisexual?, What if Louise took it too fast?, what if...? I dismissed these questions, I knew I could trust Louise, and the slight dampness I could feel between my legs at the prospect of having Louise introduce me to lesbian sex suggested to me I wouldn't find it a problem.682. Weekend To Remember - In this story a young woman accepts the invitation of another woman to spend the weekend exploring her sexual potential. 668. Trade Off - I told her yes, I'd just lick her. so after dissuading her fears, she lifted my shirt and I pulled out my big tit. she was amazed at the size of my nipple and immediately latched on, sucking away. I was so hot... I love to have my tits nursed on- it feels so good and often I orgasm from that alone.661. A Passion For My Own - A young, straight woman reluctantly accompanies her friend to a lesbian bar and discovers that she, too, has strong urges for her own sex. She lets herself be seduced by a pretty butch. 646. A Face to Cum On - Now a senior in charge of the freshman dorm fat Mary is unable to control her urges to voyeur the younger cuties.644. Lesbian Domination Story - Daughter finds out during a vacation with her mother and their maid, who the real mistress of the house is.643. DONNA STAYS OVER - Kelly rubs Donna's back, resulting in moans of pleasure from Donna. After five minutes Kelly stops and takes the thermometer from Donna's ass. She looks at it in the light and says: "A hundred and one. You're really sick."635. Help I was Fired - Far from being shocked, this was exactly what Glenda needed, to be taken back to a time when having her mouth on a large nipple would make her feel safe and secure! "Oh mama, " Glenda sighed, the feeling of contentment coursing through her as the result her nursing on Sybil's big tits.590. Sensory Perception - let me put this blindfold over your eyes so your senses take over and you can really feel everything I do to your body! ......hear, smell, feel, and yes with your mind watch me devour your body....ummmm! lesbianstory. Lesbian Story - The water was hot and steamy as she soaped her every where, then handed her the soap. Jorge began to explore her with the bar of soap and had to hold her breath as she washed her butt...Rachel lifted her leg and held her self open then leaned back... firstlesbian. First Lesbian Experience - Finally she slipped her tongue in between my lips, lightly grazing my clit. I gasped. The waves of pleasure she sent through my body with that one move nearly made me cum right then. I had been waiting for this my whole teenage years! lesbian-sex. Grinding In The Sand - I didn't wait until my orgasm was over before I sat up and rolled her over. I wanted to taste her! It was my turn. I quickly removed her tight shorts. Her mocha skin was covered in sand and glistened in the moonlight. I didn't care about the sand and went straight for her snatch. My nose was filled with her musky scent. young-sex. The Porno Tapes - Amanda borrowed one of Danni’s tapes, and took it home to watch in private. She was fingering her slit as she watched a man with a nine inch cock first get sucked and then fuck a blonde with very big tits. victorias- secret. Victorias Secret - My tongue fenced expertly with her unskilled but enthusiastic one, until she was force to break the impassioned kiss for shortness of breath! Give her this...we had still not made enough noise to be heard by anyone who was not standing directly outside the booth! woman_needs. What a Woman Needs - Sexy erotic lesbian story - I placed my mouth over her erect nipples and sucked like she was my mommy. She enjoyed it so much that she brought me up from her pussy many time just to suck her during my exploration of her. boarding_school_sex. Boarding School Sex - Boarding school sex story - Underneath laid the body of a stunningly beautiful young woman. Her red hair was close cropped and her skin pale and be freckled. Her firm, full breasts proudly announced their arousal with thick nipples that pointed up and out. lesbians_first. Lesbians First - It wasn't long after that that Tracy and Kimiko decided that they didn't want any tan lines at all, and started sunbathing com completely nude. This of course made me very nervous-I had undressed with other girls in the locker room, but never had I spent such an extended period of time with naked people. I tried to avert my eyes as much as possible but I couldn't help but catch glimpses of Tracy's abundant brown pubic curls and Kimiko's sparser, neater black bush. To be honest , after a while I didn't try that hard to avoid those glimpses-I was captivated by their fully exposed beauty at the same time I was unnerved by it. colleen_lesbian_story. Fun in Bed - It was Colleens hand, I tried to continue breathing as I imagined I would if I were asleep, I did not want to alert Colleen to my awakened state but my heart was racing and I was almost to the point of orgasm I was so excited. She slowly placed a finger on my nipple, which was already jutting out rigid through my nightie, I was tempted to respond and let her know that I was awake but I did not wish to end the moment. I was yearning for her to play with my nipples and suck them for me but this was a little impracticable given that she thought I was asleep. two_headed_dick. The Two Headed Dick - She put her hands next to my head and raised herself a bit. We were joined only by the dick. Dani was humping me hard, then holding back. I opened my eyes to look at her. Black hair was flying, a secret smile on her red lips, her gray eyes wild with excitement. This beautiful flower child was taking her pleasure from being joined with me. Lesbian_School_Masterbation. Lesbian School Masterbation - I was wondering what her pussy would look like. Would it taste differently? She was not very tall and her tits were small, round, very firm and usually she was not wearing a bra. She caught me many times peeping down her shirt each time she would bend down and she would always just smiled at me. I was realizing that I had the hots for her and was racking my brain trying to find a way to get into her pants but she beat me to it. She, one day, realized what I was doing in class! lesbian_experience. First Time Lesbian Experience - Brooke's fingers lightly brushed Erin's pussy lips, and Erin let out a low croon, like a little girl. Brooke just touched, lightly, going up and down. She felt the wetness on those lips, and then slid a finger partway into Erin's vagina. Erin tensed up, and slid upward on the bed. Brooke swirled her finger out, and pushed Erin's pussy lips apart, working them with expertise. 358. Kat - Kat was kneeling on the bed, staring at thetv. Her hands were between her legs. Finally I understood. I stood transfixed. On the TV a woman and a woman were pleasuring each other. I could hear their groans. I started t feel a funny sensation in my groin. lesbian_girls. Lesbian Cheerleaders - Before I could finish my impromptu speech on the vaules of lesbianism, Joan was all over me. She was kissing me deeply and rubbing her tender, young body up against mine. Through her clenched teeth she was whimpering and moaning that I should teach her how to make love to another woman. lesbian_cheerleaders. Cheerleaders delight - I think Fiona knew the effect she had on me and I think she enjoyed how much she teased me. As the week went on we were inseperable and people started calling us the Gab Girls and rightly so. Fiona would continue to tease and tease me as we changed for swimming, letting me purposely see a flash of skin here and there.303. Blond on Brunette Sex - The passageway separating the two buildings was only about 12 feet wide so I was crouching only about 15 feet from the woman who was totally oblivious of my presence. She slipped her t-shirt over her head, dropped her shorts, and kicked off her shoes revealing an exquisite, tall and perfectly proportioned body. She pulled her bikini underwear off and was reaching behind to unhook her bra, when another woman walked into the room. This one was brunette and she was totally nude! boys_night_out. Boys Night Out - The last photo was of her spead-eagle on the bed exposing her pink cunt for all to see. Just then Jenny walked in wearing a tight body suit with cut-outs in all the right places. cable-girl. The Cable Girl - Both Erin and Shawna exchanged fearful looks, while realizing at the same time that Andie was a full fledged dom who would have no qualms at all about smacking them around if they displeased her!!! "So, " Andie said sarcastically, "isn't that just so precious, two little fems trying to make a go of it on their own, what a fucking laugh, so tell me, Erin, when you fuck each other who's on top?" tennis-tour. Tennis Tour - As she masturbated away with Corey while watching Lu and Winnie, Raye Anne didn't even notice when Mariah Howell stepped in front of her and overtly shoved her pussy forward and said, "So you're the new hot shit little slut who thinks she knows it all, huh, well you don't know nothin' until you've eaten Mariah's pussy!!!" the-pool-table. The Pool Table - I took her cigarette and stubbed it out on the floor. Then I took her face in my hands and kissed her deeply. We didn't stop - she knew what I needed. Her hands dug in the back pockets of my jeans and cupped my ass, making the seam rub against my clit. I groaned as she pulled away and pushed herself up onto the pool table. I kept kissing her, and unbuttoned her shirt, feeling my heart beat faster. I unclasped her bra and sucked on a nipple - moaning at her enjoyment. the-hitchhiker. The Hitchhiker - On the morning, Susan put on a pair of jeans. Her parents didn't know it but underneath, she had A pair of shorts and skimpy halter. She thought it would be easier to get a ride dressed like that. She was right. So suitcase in hand, Susan took off to visit Grandma and Grandpa. rougth-day. Rougth Day - When I had gone up to visit the campus, I was delighted to see that nearly all of the female members of the student body were drop dead gorgeous. I had made my decision. I packed up my apartment, loaded up my truck and drove north. lesbian-sex-story. Under the Stars - Erotic lesbian story - Charlene and I had hiked most of the day to get to one of the more isolated campground areas in Yosemite park, and we were both quite hot and sweaty by the time we reached it. Upon arriving, we saw that there were several other tents already pitched, with a few people milling about or just relaxing in the peaceful surroundings. We staggered in and said hello, then proceeded to find a suitable spot for our tent. Several of the good spots had been taken, but we found one some distance away from our neighbors. It was nice and flat, with some grasses to cushion our backs. We set up our tent. female-networking. Lesbian sex story - Female Networking Group - Lesbian sex story - We were getting really turned on by this time. Things happened so fast that I think it took us both by surprise. We simultaneously began rubbing each other's pussy and then she put her middle finger inside me. I hadn't had sex in any form for quite some time, and I loved it! Then it was two fingers, increasing even more the joy I felt. I soon reciprocated. In and out, in and out. I could feel my pussy contracting and could feel her pussy gripping my fingers. She then rolled over and started humping and rubbing her clit on mine - with our fingers still inserted in each other and still pumping. I don't know how we got in those positions or who came first, but it was a real explosion for both of us. susan-heather. Susan and Heather - Lesbian experience story - Susan and Heather had been best friends since the first day of high school. Four years later they crammed for finals as they had always done, late night study sessions that found one or the other sharing the same bed as it became too late to head home. A water main break at the school had given them an unexpected day off and both were more than happy to sleep in as everyone else in Heather's family left for their respective schools and jobs. summer-job. Summer Job - Lesbian sex story - Zoey slowed her car to crawl as she checked the house numbers as she slowly rolled down the quiet shaded street. "Let me see now, " she muttered under her breath, "115, 121, 127, ahhhhhhh, here we are, 133!" She parked her car in a under the shade of a large oak tree, and after checking to make sure that she had everything in her black attache case she headed up the front walk to the large colonial house that stood proudly amongst the large stand of trees surrounding the property. the- class. The Class - Lesbian sex story - Bay carefully backed her car into a vacant parking space and then checked to make sure that she had all of her class supplies organized before heading into the building. This was second to last natural child birth class and she wondered why this was a mother only class and all husbands and boyfriends were banned for this particular night. the-ring. The Ring - Lesbian sex story - Cindy lay in the tub and relaxed as the jet propelled water wafted over every inch of her lean sun tanned body. What a day! It felt good just to not have to move! 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